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Lesson 31 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

How Do You Know YEHOVAH God Exists?

Why YEHOVAH God Must Reveal Himself YEHOVAH God Challenges the Doubters!

YEHOVAH God is INVISIBLE SPIR- Listen to what YEHOVAH God Almigh-
IT. But man -- limited by his PHYSICAL senses ty says to those who DOUBT His existence:
and instruments -- cannot DETECT spirit. “The FOOL hath said in his heart, ‘There is no
Therefore, YEHOVAH must SPECIALLY God’ ” (Psalm 14:1).
REVEAL Himself to mortal mankind. Is YEHOVAH God unreasonable? Does
Because man is aware of only the He expect you to accept and believe in that
physical world around him, many have which is unprovable and unreasonable?
carelessly ASSUMED that spirit beings do not ABSOLUTELY NOT!
exist. What folly! YEHOVAH says, “Come now, and let us
IST -- as we are soon going to see! Actually, us to have basic PROOFS. He exhorts us to
spirit beings have existed longer, have far “PROVE all things" (I Thessalonians 5:21). He
superior minds, and are incomparably more knows we will not really be satisfied any other
powerful than man! way.
Indeed man in his present form is as The fact that YEHOVAH God COM-
nothing. YEHOVAH God says so! “All nations MANDS us to prove His existence shows that
before Him are as nothing; and they are counted He has made ample provision to satisfy the
to Him LESS THAN NOTHING, and vanity" sound and unprejudiced mind.
(Isaiah 40:17). And they would remain so if Yes, YEHOVAH has made available the
YEHOVAH didn’t have marvelous PLANS for MEANS by which you can KNOW HE DOES
mankind! EXIST! This fact should stand SUPREME
above all other knowledge in our minds.

The Time to KNOW YEHOVAH God!

We are at the virtual END of an age -- the
6000-year period in which YEHOVAH God has
allowed man to be his own master and the
molder of his own destiny.
We’re now at the very THRESHOLD of
the “Day of the Lord” -- the Day of YEHO-
VAH’s WRATH upon rebellious mankind!
It’s TIME WE WAKE UP to the realities
that confront us! For YEHOVAH God Almighty
is soon going to intervene in world affairs by
great PHYSICAL signs and wonders which men
will actually SEE and FEEL!
The research chemist cannot isolate YEHOVAH YEHOVAH God is already beginning to
God in a test tube. Yet the very existence of uproot the “little world” we have created for
God-created chemicals and their reaction are ourselves! DISRUPTIONS on the earth are
witness to His existence! ALREADY BEGINNING TO OCCUR! And

How Do You Know YEHOVAH God Exists?
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