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10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 1

into the church and given new meaning. The Thessalonians 2:1-2. Were some sending
pagan customs and practices remained basically epistles -- letters -- that were forged with Paul’s
unchanged. own name? Verse 2.
Once the door was opened to pagan 2. Was a mystery system of lawlessness
celebrations, the practices and flavor of the early already at work in the time of Paul? Verse 7.
Catholic Church became more and more Would this same system continue down to the
heathen. It made no difference whether the Bible second coming of the Messiah? Verse 8. By
strongly countermanded such pagan practices. whose power did this mystery system work?
Pleasing the pagans became customary. Verse 9.
3. Did Paul warn the Galatians about
The Messiah Foretold Pagan Worship false ministers preaching a false gospel?
Galatians 1:6-9. Were the Galatians in danger
1. Did Yeshua the Messiah speak of false of slipping back into the pagan rites they had
ministers deceiving many? Matthew 24:11. observed as unconverted Gentiles? Galatians
Would they be able to perform signs and 4:8-11. Were these the same pagan days
wonders? Same verse. condemned by YEHOVAH God in the Old
2. Would these false ministers outwardly Testament? Leviticus 19:26 and Deuteronomy
appear in the guise of “Christianity,” but all the 18:10-14.
while actually be wolves seeking to devour COMMENT: Paul was writing to
YEHOVAH’s people? Matthew 7:15. GENTILES who wanted to return to observing
3. Did Yeshua say some would call him “days” -- Gentile days -- the Saturnalia, Easter,
“Lord,” yet not enter YEHOVAH’s Kingdom? Sun-day worship, etc.
Verse 21. Do some actually preach in the The Catholic Church “father,”
Messiah’s name, yet work iniquity? Verses 22- Chrysostom, admits that these superstitious
23. TIMES which Paul forbids were practiced by
COMMENT: The word iniquity means “Christians” in his day, but WITHOUT THE
“lawlessness.” This doctrine of lawlessness is IDOLS as in the days of old. He says, “Many
the same as that which Nimrod preached -- were superstitiously addicted to the observance
REBELLION against YEHOVAH’s govern- of TIMES, and made divination and conjectures
ment. upon them....In celebration of these TIMES they
4. Did YEHOVAH God warn His people set up lamps in the marketplace, and CROWN
not to pollute His Name by applying it to pagan THEIR DOORS WITH GARLANDS [or
worship? Ezekiel 20:39, last part. wreaths].” (Bingham’s Antiquities of the
5. Who is it that has perpetuated the lies Christian Church, pp. 1123, 1124).
of paganism -- calling them by the name, The factual material from ancient and
“Christianity?” Jeremiah 14:14. Does modern history, from archaeology and from the
YEHOVAH God promise these lying ministers Bible, ALL prove that the VERY SAME
will be rewarded with captivity, famine and PAGAN RITES WORSHIPED BY THIS
The Apostle Paul Fights Paganism NIMROD!
The churches of this world shamelessly
1. The apostle Paul constantly had to admit they have adopted pagan days -- and
battle the inroads of false teachers who sought to YEHOVAH God Almighty CONDEMNS their
unsettle the Church of YEHOVAH God. What rites and customs in His holy word, the Bible!
was he forced to say to the Thessalonians? II

The Pagan Origins of Christmas
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