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Adam -- The First White Man!
Adam Was Not the First Man!
Ancient Britons and Proto-Celts Were Israelites!
An Exclusive Israel and the Book of Galatians
Anti-Semitism: What It Really Is!
Balaam's Doctrine and the Race Question
Biblical/Israelite Origin of the White Race
"Born Again" or "Begotten from Above"?
Can the Words "Fathers," "Abraham," "Israel," and "Jacob" in the New Testament Be Spiritualized?
"Church" and "Israel"
Could the Modern "Jews" Be Israel?
Did Angels Marry Women Before the Flood?
Did Eve Cohabit With a Fallen Angel?
Did YEHOVAH God Just Give Up On Israel?
Does SATAN THE DEVIL Have Offspring On This Earth?
Do You Belong to a Harlot Church?
In Thee Shall All the Nations of the Earth Be Blessed"?
Is Israel a Chosen Servant Race to "Save the World"?
Israel -- YEHOVAH God's Sovereign Choice!
Just What Do You Mean -- Spiritual Israel?
Just Who Were the "Sons of God" and the "Daughters of Men"?
Misinformation and the Table of Nations
"Mix Not"...What Does This Mean?
Nimrod and Egypt's Forgotten Origins
Objections About Israel Being Exclusive -- Some Answers
"Of One Blood" -- Acts 17:26
Physical Characteristics of True Israelites
Pluralism and Segregation
"Race" in the Creation Story of Genesis
Race Mixing: An Abomination to YEHOVAH God!
Racial Behavior: Freud Out -- Genetics In?
Racial Identity and the Bible
Racism is Neither a Sin Nor Idolatry!
Rightly Dividing the Word of YEHOVAH God!
Seeds, Natural and Spiritual
Serious Questions About Race!
Should Christian-Israelite Males Be Circumcised?
That Unfortunate Word "GENTILE"
The Bible, Race and Culture
The "Caucasians" of Today Are the Lost Tribes of Israel!
The "CHURCH" -- Called Out of What?
"The Earth is the LORD's"
The Gathering of Israel
The Genetic Code and the "Book of Life"
The Immigration Problem and Biblical Prophecy
The Messiah Was NOT "Jewish"!
The Seventh Commandment and Miscegenation
The White Western Man!
Was Rahab the Harlot in the Messiah's Bloodline?
Were the Israelites Black?
What About the Non-Israel Races If Israel is Exclusive?
Will Temple Sacrifice Resume in the Millennium?