List of Articles

Mystery of Mysteries -- What Is the Showbread?
New Understanding On Observing the Correct Day of PENTECOST!
Old Myths Die Hard -- Was the Law Given at Mount Sinai On the Traditional Shavuot?
Pentecost and the Almond Tree
PENTECOST -- Its True Meaning and Incredible Symbolism
PENTECOST -- The Mystery Solved!
PENTECOST -- The Untold Story (Word Document)
Philo On Shavuot/Pentecost
The 144,000 -- Future Or Fulfilled?
The Apostle Paul and Pentecost!
The Celtic Pentecost
The Count to Shavuot and YEHOVAH God's Weekly Cycle (Word Document)
The Plural Sabbaths and the Lunar Calendar
The Return of YEHOVAH God and His Messiah!
The TRUE Count to Pentecost Rediscovered!
The Two WHEAT Harvests and How the Rabbis Eliminated the TRUE Pentecost!
What Are the Two Loaves Presented on Pentecost?
When Pentecost is Really "Fully Come"
Where In Jerusalem Were the Disciples Assembled On Pentecost?
Which Wheat Harvest is the Scriptural Pentecost Wheat?