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A New Look At the Dynasties of the Exodus (Adobe Acrobat File)
Another Viewpoint: When Was the Year of Creation?
Chronology of Confusion!
Daniel's "Seventy Weeks" -- When Do They Begin and End?
Did Herod the "Great" Really Die in 4 B.C.?
Downfall of Egypt and the AMALEKITES of the Bible!
Dynasty of Moses and the Queen of Sheba!
Harmonizing Genesis (and Determining When the Messiah Might Return)
Herod's Death On January 26, 1 BCE, Owing to Synchronized Chronology
Just WHEN Did Satan Fall from Heaven?
Mysterious Events of the Year 31 A.D.!
On the 15th Year of Tiberius Caesar and Inclusive Counting
Radiocarbon Dating: Tool or Magic Wand?
The Beginning of the Messiah's Ministry
The Birth of the Messiah Recalculated
The Dynasty of the Oppression
The Great Ash Heap In the Wilderness!
The Restoration of Greek History
Three Days and Three Nights -- When Did Yeshua Die?
Twelve Proofs Why Passover Should Be Observed On Nisan 15!
Was Hatshepsut the QUEEN OF SHEBA -- Or Merely the Queen of Theba?
Was Yeshua the Messiah Really In the Grave for Three Days and Three Nights?
What Year Was the Messiah Nailed to the Tree?
When Did the Apostle Peter Meet His Death?
When, Exactly, Was Yeshua the Messiah BORN?
WHEN Was the Book of Daniel Written?
When Was the Messiah Crucified?
Who Was the Pharaoh of the Exodus?