New Genetic Research Indicates we are not Evolving

The following is based on the article Searching For Adam by, Hugh Ross Ph.D., Facts & Faith, vol. 10, no. 1 (1996) p. 4.

As Y-chromosome studies continue, researchers have given a new perspective to the term "Modern Man". The Y-chromosome research on which Hugh Ross reported on before fixed the date of the first male Homo sapiens at 270,000 years ago or less. See; Are we Evolving. More recent studies have shrunk that number significantly.

Making the same assumption as the previous researchers did, specifically that an divergence in Y chromosomes found among men alive today must have arisen through natural evolutionary processes. American molecular biologist Micheal Hammer examined 2,600 nucleotide base pair segments of the chromosome in 16 ethnically distinct men. His calculations suggest that the 16 men descended from one man living between 51,000 and 411,000 years ago. A British team composed of geneticists Simon Whitfield, John Sulston, and Peter Goodfellow examined a much larger segment of the human Y-chromosome, a segment composed of 100,000 nucleotide base pairs, in 5 ethnically distinct men. The divergence they observed was so small as to shrink the date projection to somewhere between 37,000 and 49,000 years ago.

What is more, the paper by Whitfield, Sulston, and Goodfellow explains how the integration of their Y-chromosome data with a variety of other data on such factors as bone morphology and geographic distribution, among others, shows that Homo sapiens could not have evolved by natural processes from Homo erectus.

Hugh Ross states that three of his colleagues (biologists) at Caltec University confirmed that between 25% - 50% of the biologists they know, now studying evolution are Christians. For more papers on this and other related subjects;

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