The Tyranny of the Trinity

New book argues that the Messiah is not God and the Trinity is false.

In her new book, The Tyranny of the Trinity: The Orthodox Cover-up (published by AuthorHouse), P.R. Lackey argues that modern Christianity is based on fallacious theology -- that the Messiah is God -- an idea found NOT in the New Testament, but established by a vote at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. and Chalcedon in 451 A.D. Lackey explains that the deification of the Messiah STRAYS from the central creed of the Messiah and the Bible that YEHOVAH God is a SINGLE Divine Personality and robs Christians both of logic and sound faith in the Scriptures.

For 1,700 years the Trinity has been considered the cornerstone of Christianity by all mainstream churches. But the Bible's words for God, appearing thousands of times, never mean a triune God. The concept of the Trinity has been taught to churchgoers based solely on implication and inference. The truth is, the Scriptures DON'T support the doctrine of the Trinity, but it has been indoctrinated into the minds of otherwise intelligent and well-educated Christians, and perpetuated as a "mystery" not meant to be understood. The majority of Christians have not bothered to investigate the doctrine for themselves, and consequently have been DUPED. Far too many Christians attend church with the attitude: "Tell me, pastor, what do I believe today?"

Lackey expresses her resentment at being accused of being a heretic and non-Christian, and being condemned to hell because of her strong belief in the HUMAN Yeshua, the Messiah and first-born Son of God and NOT the One True God. Lackey sees the Trinity as a BLIGHT on the TRUE Christianity taught by the Messiah for the benefit of humanity, and feels Trinitarian Christians have traded Hebrew theology for GREEK MYTHOLOGY with barely a question asked. She further contends that the majority of Christians believe in the Trinity primarily because they are expected to. Not to accept this dogma would place them under condemnation from both their brethren and the clergy. Lackey invites churchgoers everywhere to consider that they may have been drawn into a thinly veiled POLYTHEISM, or a belief in more than one God.


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