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The Mystery of the Trinity -- A Poem

The Doctrine of the Trinity
A mystery of one in three,
He are three and they is one
But logically how is this done?

The mind of man, or so they say
Cannot grasp this vast array
Of he or they who holds the key
To this unexplained complexity

These him all wise, one what three who's
Who if you do not choose you lose
Your soul for all eternity, and here is why:

The one "who" chose to crucify
"Himself" who some identify
With he who I refuse to deify
In order he might satisfy themselves
So they could justify
The sinners and then glorify himselves
And rather not deny
Eternal life to those who die
Sweet bye and bye up in the sky

For me it's very hard to see
How three is one and one are three
It seems not like a mystery
But rather an atrocity

Though questioning this has cost some dear
And religious folk will at you sneer
Man's nescient threats you mustn't fear
Hold fast to truth and persevere

While it is true, faith can be blind
God still intends me use my mind
To follow man-made contradicting creeds
Is to take God's word and far exceed
What He has shown Himself "To Be"
That He is One and One's NOT three.

-- by Shaun Rufener


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