The State of Christianity Today

Classic Christianity, as it developed from the late 1st century A.D. onward, is far removed from the faith of Abraham and the patriarchs. In fact, Abraham knew nothing of the Christian doctrines of today. Christianity is not the ancient Path -- it is a new, almost wholly pagan, Hellenistic, quasi-Gnostic, amalgamation.

Although Christianity held on to the so-called "Old Testament" (they added apocryphal books from the Greek Septuagint), a great apostasy, or "falling away" occurred. There are three great pillars of Biblical faith: YEHOVAH God, Torah, and Israel. Christianity repudiated all three. Therefore, it is no great surprise that the Jews repudiated Christianity.

The pure teaching of the One Creator God -- whose Name alone is YHVH, was perverted in various ways: the Trinitarian idea of God in three Persons; the idea that the Messiah was actually YHVH; the notion that the Messiah pre-existed as God; and the total loss of understanding regarding the Shekinah Glory. Noah, Abraham and Moses knew nothing of these perversions -- nor did Yeshua the Messiah, for that matter. He affirmed the Shema and rebuked those who even called him "good."

Israel, the beloved and chosen "apple of YHVH's eye," was totally displaced and replaced with the doctrine of the new "spiritual Israel" -- the largely Gentile Christian Church. All the promises of the Prophets about YEHOVAH God's Plan for the Restoration of Israel were now applied, through allegory, to the "Christians." The teaching of the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God, so tightly bound together in Scripture with the fortunes of Israel, was made into a dualistic, Hellenistic, "hope of heaven" after death. This is classic Christianity as it developed in contrast to the "faith of Abraham." Let us now set the record straight! -- JDK