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31 Proofs YEHOVAH God's Sabbath is NOT Abolished!
Abortion and the Sabbath
A Calendar of Weeks in Biblical Texts
A New Look at the NEW MOON!
A Nisan 14 "Passover" -- Fact -- or Fallacy?
Are You Prepared to Defend What You Know? -- The Two Calendar Problem of the Last Days
Biblical Proof for the LUNAR Sabbath
Biblical Proof for the LUNAR Sabbath (Adobe Acrobat File)
Catholic Scholar Verifies Neither Saturday Nor Sunday is Biblical Sabbath
Changeling: The Metamorphosis of Christian into Pagan
Daniel Warns of Calendar Change!
Dead Sea Scrolls Prove Lunar Sabbaths
Does YEHOVAH God's Year Start With the Barley Harvest?
Eating At Restaurants On the Sabbath and Holy Days
Ellen G. White Confirms Biblical Lunar Calendar Sabbaths
Foot-Washing and YEHOVAH's Ecclesia!
From Sabbath to Saturday: The Story of the Jewish Rest Day
Further Evidence Disproves Continuous Weekly Cycle -- True 7th-Day Sabbath Not Found On Saturday!
Have We Been Neglecting the Sacred Fellowship Meal?
Have We Been Observing the Sabbath At the Wrong Time All These Years?
Hiding of the Lunar Sabbath
Hours of the Sabbath: From Even to Even
How to Keep YEHOVAH God's Sabbath Day Holy!
Key Differences Between the True Biblical Lunar-Solar Calendar Versus the Counterfeit Roman Gregorian Calendar
Neither Saturday Nor Sunday...The Sabbath Day is Wrong!
Nimrod's Tabernacles of Saturn (Adobe Acrobat File)
No Night On the Sabbath Day!
"Of Course We Changed the  Calendar..."
Origins of Saturn
Philo and the Weekly Sabbath
Philo the Jew and the Lunar Sabbath
Sabbath Series 1 -- Times Greatest Conspiracy Theory: The "Continuous Weekly Cycle"
Sabbath Series 2 -- Changeling: The Metamorphosis of Christian into Pagan
Sabbath Series 3 -- The Marriage of Pagan and Christian: No Man Can Part Asunder
Sabbath Series 4 -- "Of Course We Changed the Calendar. That's Our Sign of Authority!"
Sabbath Truth Postponed
Saturday in Scripture
Saturday Sabbath? Or Lunar Sabbath?
Should We Keep BOTH Passover and "the Lord's Supper"?
The Burning Question: The Sabbath -- When Does It Occur?
The Plural Sabbaths and the Lunar Calendar
The First Holy Thing
The Hidden God
The LAND Sabbath -- A Commandment for Today?
The NEW MOON and the Weekly Sabbath -- Side-By-Side!
The OMER Count and YEHOVAH God's Weekly Cycle
The Sabbath Day -- One of YEHOVAH's Appointed Times
The Sabbath: When is It?
The Wilderness of Sin and the Lunar Sabbath!
Time's Greatest Conspiracy Theory: The "Continuous Weekly Cycle"
Two Men and Two Agendas Equals One Massive Deception!
When Does YEHOVAH's Day BEGIN?
YEHOVAH's Sabbath -- A Day Beyond Space and Time!