The Devil and Demons are Real and Active (Rev. 12:9; I John 5:19)

A curious error has invaded the thinking of some biblical unitarians. The false theory that the "Devil" is not a supernatural personality, and the "demons" mentioned in both Testaments are unreal! This theory involves setting oneself up above Scripture and above the Messiah himself. The very false theory imagines that the Messiah "accommodated: himself to the ignorance of the people who ignorantly believed in the existence of demons! But that is an invention on the part of those taken in by this amazing theory. We must be aware of the grave danger of knowing more than the Bible and more than the Messiah. It is parallel to the false theory that the Messiah and YEHOVAH God forbid even the very moderate use of alcohol. Let us never try to be more righteous than the Messiah!

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