Pope Benedict XVI and Islam

The Byzantine emperor whom the pope recently quoted spoke the truth: the teachings of Muhammad were and still are "evil and inhumane." The Qur'an, which Muhammad claimed he received by revelation from Allah through the angel Gabriel, has more than 100 verses commanding the use of violence and slaughter to take over the world, such as: "Slay the idolaters [i.e., all who reject Allah as the only god and Muhammad as his prophet] wherever ye find them...besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush..." (Surah 9:5); "O Prophet! Exhort the believers to fight. If there be of you twenty steadfast they shall overcome two hundred ...a hundred ...shall overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve..."(8:65). "It is not for any Prophet [i.e., Muhammad] to have captives until he hath made slaughter in the land" (8:67 -- given by "inspiration" to Muhammad when he needed justification for beheading captives, as Muslims still do today), etc.

It is historical fact, as I document in Judgment Day, that Muhammad not only engaged in "spreading Islam by the sword" but that to do so remains a central doctrine and practice of Islam, as it has demonstrated for nearly 1,400 years. The unchanging goal of this "religion of peace" is to violently force the entire world into submission to Islam and to kill those who refuse to convert. In their conquests from France to China, Muslims slaughtered many millions (killing more in India alone than Hitler killed)!

For Muslims to insist that Islam is a religion of peace, and to riot, burn, and kill whenever the truth is exposed, is a travesty upon history, common sense, and human dignity. This hypocrisy is of such Himalayan proportions that it ought to be denounced by world leaders and media until Muslims prove their peaceful intentions by renouncing force! There ought to be an international outcry by government and religious leaders and the media demanding the removal of Muslim nations from the United Nations until they renounce the violence that has always been and still is an integral part of Islam! Instead, Western leaders (including President Bush) grovel before Islam and apologize for speaking the truth lest Muslims go on more murderous rampages to prove how peaceful they are.

The pope's inexcusable apology for "offending" Muslims with the truth is a further example of how the West continues to be intimidated by Muslim threats and encourages their hypocritical denial to themselves and to the world of the horrible truth about Islam. Muslims ought to be ashamed that their "god" promises rewards in Paradise for murdering innocent women and children.

One would be hard pressed to find terrorism anywhere in the world for which Islam and Muslims are not responsible. Yet they persist with their incredible lie equating Islam with peace and threaten anyone who tells the truth: "If you dare to criticize Islam as a religion of violence, we will kill you to prove that it is a religion of peace!"

The shameful fact that Western leaders from Bush to Blair to Chirac to Billy Graham and the pope keep on praising Islam as a religion of peace because of such threats is a betrayal of their responsibility. This surrender to Islam's blackmail will inevitably result in the complete Islamization of the Western world with the loss of the freedoms we hold dear. In fact, Islamization has almost reached the point of no return in Europe and especially in Britain -- and the United States is not far behind.

-- The Berean Call, November 2006