Israel's Coronation Chair!

'When the Coronation Chair [in Westminster Abbey] is examined closely, it appears that it was designed to exhibit the Stone [of Destiny], which rests on a platform nine inches from the floor, supported by four CROUCHING LIONS. The Stone can be viewed from the front and sides of the chair, but according to an article published in 1838 in the Gentleman's Magazine, London, it was not always so.

'The author, J. R. Planch, wrote at length concerning the coronations of the English Monarchs, of the Chair and Stone, and of the ancient regalia. Excerpts from this publication were printed in 1889 in the Rev. W. H. Poole's book, Anglo-Israel or the Saxon Race (pages 502-504) and reveal some startling facts:

'The wooden chair was made for the stone, and has ever since been its repository. Edward [I] determined to have it made of bronze and it was actually commenced, but it was ultimately constructed of wood; and that fragment of the old Hebrew race was embedded in new Plantagenet OAK.

'In the wardrobe account of Edward I, among the entries of the year, we read, 'To Mr. Waller, the painter, for the costs and expenses incurred by him about making one step at the foot of the new chair in which the STONE FROM SCOTLAND was set up, in the month of March; and for the wages of the carpenter, and for painting the said step; and for gold and divers colours bought for painting the same, together with the making of one case for covering the said chair, as appears from the particulars of the wardrobe book, L1 19s 7d.'

'The chair is of solid oak, and still firm and sound, though much disfigured by wanton mutilations, as well as by the hand of time. Immediately under the flat seat the stone rests on a kind of middle frame, supported at the corners by FOUR CROUCHING LIONS; on a bottom frame, all around, on a level with the stone, ran formerly a beautiful piece of tracery in quarterly divisions, each containing a SHIELD, originally emblazoned; but there are no vestiges of the ARMS sufficiently distinct to be identified. Of those shields only four out of TEN remain, all the rest have broken away; and even the tracery itself is entirely gone in front, so that the stone is there fully exposed to view. The whole chair has been completely covered with gilding and work, much of which may yet be distinguished on close inspection. On the inside of the back are some faint traces of a man in a royal robe -- the foot and shoe are quite visible; the shoe was a sharp pointed one.

'The entire height of the chair is 5 feet nine inches; the breadth at the bottom 3 feet 2 inches, width 2 feet, breadth of the seat 2 feet 5 inches, depth 1 foot 6 inches; from the seat to the ground 2 feet 3 1/2 inches; height of elbows 1 foot 2 inches.'

'In a Complete Guide to Heraldry, by A. C. Fox-Davies, we learn that the SHIELD is a vital part of heraldry, 'for on it are depicted the signs and emblems of the HOUSE to which it appertains.' This reference also shows that heraldry's roots are in the BIBLE (Numbers 1:2-18-52; 2:2 and 34).

'Mr. Planch noted TEN PANELS CONTAINING IDENTIFYING SHIELDS, formerly in colour, around the sacred Stone, called JACOB'S PILLAR. At that time, only four shields remained, the others had been broken from their oak frames. But the four were too dim to identify the emblems. He states that they were entirely gone in front, 'leaving the Stone fully exposed to view.' Yet there is significance in the number TEN. It was the number of tribes in the northern 'HOUSE OF ISRAEL,' among whom was Joseph, who received the 'Birthright' from his father, Jacob, and possession of his sacred Stone (Genesis 49:24).

'His sons, EPHRAIM and MANASSEH, were adopted by Jacob, who gave them his sacred name, 'ISRAEL' (Genesis 48:5), and he laid the blessings of Isaac and Abraham upon them, placing Ephraim before Manasseh. Bearing this and the origin of the Stone in mind, we conclude that the TEN SHIELDS originally placed around the Stone, identified the Biblical HOUSE to whom the Stone belonged; the original tribe of Joseph who gave way to his two sons. By the act of CROWNING THEIR MONARCHS on the stone the BRITANNIC PEOPLE show THEY ARE DESCENDANTS OF THE NORTHERN 'HOUSE OF ISRAEL.'

-- Wake Up! July/September 1993.


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