Paul's Prison

Jerusalem, Israel (EP) A huge Roman complex that served as a security headquarters may have been the prison where the apostle Paul was held and tried before being sent to Rome. According to Dr. Yosef Porat, director of excavations for the Israel Antiquities Authoruty, the site is one of the few known seats of the Roman government to ever have been excavated -- the first in Israel. The site of the excavation covers about five square miles north of Tel Aviv in the town of Caesarea, on the Mediterranean coast. The apostle Paul stood trial in A.D. 58 and was imprisoned in Herod's praetorian in Caesarea from A.D. 58 to A.D. 60, when he was sent to Rome and was eventually executed. A recently uncovered inscription confirmed that the site was used as a seat of the Roman government in Israel.


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