World Wheat Crisis Looms

'During this month the price of wheat climbed to $7 per bushel, the highest price ever paid here in the United States for wheat.

'From all reports, there is a wheat crisis throughout the world. Where once over 2 billion bushels were held in reserve, now less than 300 million bushels remain at this time. According to all reports, the United States will RUN OUT of wheat this summer before the harvest. Besides this, prospects for the harvest this fall are not very encouraging because various regions in wheat growing areas are drought stricken at the present time.

'A recent news report seen by the editor showed farmers pulling up clumps of wheat and the dry, dusty, ground just fell away from the roots because there was no depth of moisture. Some farmers have already disced down their wheat crop in order to plant soybeans or some other crop to try and salvage the season. You must remember that even last year there was a Midwestern drought and a reduced harvest in many places.

'The editor remembers preaching a sermon on Revelation chapter 6 about 25 years ago when bread was 35 to 40 cents a loaf. He predicted bread prices would climb to more than $2.50 a loaf in the drought and famine that would precede the Second Coming of Yahshua the Messiah, based upon the values of the money mentioned in the text. He can still recall some of the worshippers in attendance looking skeptical, but prices have gone up astronomically today. Wait until the new round of prices strike! It was also reported that in some wheat growing areas, serious fungus may destroy the ENTIRE crop.'

-- SNB, 4/1996.