The Jutes

'Among the SAXON invaders of Britain were the JUTES, a people who came from a part of Denmark still called JUTLAND, to settle in Kent and the Isle of Wight.

'Having noted the evidence previously offered which indicates the Israelitish origin of the Saxons as a whole, let us now consider the Jutes for they have in their name itself conclusive evidence of their Israelitish identity.

'This becomes clear when we remember the great change which took place in the languages of northern Europe some time previous to 100 B.C., whereby a great many words which had previously had in them the sound of our letter 'd' changed this to the sound of 't'. (Grimm's Law). As this change occurred during the years in which the Saxons were migrating to Western Europe from their old home east of the Black Sea, it is obvious that the people who arrived in Denmark as Jutes must have started out as JUDES or Judai.

'Further, as all of the Saxon tribes, including the Jutes, were descended from the SACAE (Sacasene) of MEDIA, it follows that the Sacae must have had among them a tribe called Judes or Judai even before they left Media.

'The importance of this becomes apparent when we remember that the Israel people were divided into TWO separate nations -- Israel and Judah, AND that when the Assyrians conquered Israel and drove the Israelites away into captivity in MEDIA, they ALSO took some of the people from the country districts of Judah. it is certain, therefore, that among the Israelites in Media there was a distinct group who would be known by a plural form of the name Judah -- Judahites, Judae, Judai, Judi, or Judes.

'In this connection we should note too that in the German language the Jews, who are a part of the people of Judah, are called JUDEN (singular -- Jude), which, is equivalent to 'Judes' in English. Further, in the Low German dialects, which are more closely related to Old English (the English of the Saxons and Jutes) the name Jude is pronounced 'Yut', which is equivalent to the English 'Jute'.

'We have, therefore, six known facts to consider: (1) that when the Israel people were deported to Media by the Assyrians, part of the people of the Kingdom of Judah were taken with them; (2) that, as a consequence, there was among the Israelites in Media a group of Judahites, Judai, or Judes; (3) that among the Saxons who came into Britain there was a tribe called Jutes; (4) that during the time they were migrating westward across Europe the 'd' in their language became 't'; (5) that the Saxons were descended from the Sacae of Media; and (6) that Sacae is the name by which the Israelites in Media were known to the Persian historians.

'It is certain, therefore, that the JUTES were originally called Judes or Judai, and that they were the descendants of that part of the people of JUDAH which the Assyrians carried away with Israel to Media.

-- Wake Up! August, 1979.


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