The Judaeo-Trojan Origin of European Kings

"The varied collection of sagas, poetry and prose which comprises the early literature of the northern nations of Europe contains much interesting and valuable historical material, although it is often difficult to separate the fanciful from the factual. The repeated assertions and implications that the families descended from ODIN (or WODEN) derive from the ancient TROJAN KINGS (often thought to belong to the fanciful category) may indeed prove to have FIRM foundation in truth. Several factors provide evidence which is harmonious with such a claim.

"Ancient classical and extra-Biblical sources indicate that the Trojan kings were of the ROYAL LINE OF JUDAH and that they were closely related to OTHER royal families in Ionia, Greece and Crete. The early British king-line is traditionally descended through the Trojan kings, and the kings of IRELAND are stated to have sprung from the MILESIAN royal family in Ionia into which 'Pharaoh's daughter' married. Accepting these sources, the royal families of the northern nations of Europe -- Irish-Scottish, Early British, Frankish, Norwegian -- are ALL of the SCEPTRE TRIBE OF JUDAH and the many intermarriages of these royal lines would thus all be within the one great royal family of which so much is prophesied in Scripture. Queen Elizabeth II has stated that she is WODEN-BORN."

-- The Link, December 1981.

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