State of the Netherworld Report

'In its Fall 1995 tenth anniversary issue, the New Age journal Gnosis presents a report entitled 'State of the Hidden Arts: An Overview of Esotericism Today,' which offers the perspective of a variety of OCCULT activists. Christopher Bamford, head of Lindisfarne Press, exults that the last ten years 'have seen a fundamental revision in our understanding of Christianity, not in essence, but in application.... [A] dead monolith has been demolished, and in its place we can sense the presence of a living being....' The creation of a 'living' Christianity, according to Bamford, reflects the growing influence in 'mainstream' Christianity of such thinkers as theosophist Rudolf Steiner, psychologist Carl Jung, and occultic globalist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

' Gnosis also relays the observations of publisher Diane Conn Darling regarding the rise of NEO-PAGANISM, which is busy 'building interfaith relations with mainstream religious groups.' One major achievement in this effort occurred, Darling reports, when 'several major neo-pagan groups were represented at the 1993 World Parliament of Religions in Chicago. Our presentations were heavily attended, including a beautiful Full Moon Circle in a nearby park.... Pagan priestess Deborah Light and the Fellowship of ISIS (the world's largest pagan organization) are signatories on our behalf to the Declaration of [a] Global Ethic....

'Darling remarks that 'polytheism is nearly universal in neopaganism,' as is pantheism: 'Neopagans see the Goddess in all things -- in each other, in persons following different paths, in animals, plants, planets, rivers, rocks, and in ourselves.... The neopagan mythos gives rise to an ethos grounded in the Earth. Indeed, for a great many neopagans, the Great Goddess IS the living Earth herself.' '

-- The New American, December 11, 1995.