Questions About the Oklahoma City Bombing

'1) How did the government get the composite drawings of John Does 1 and 2 so quickly?

'2) Why was McVeigh, who was allegedly clever enough to build an elaborate bomb, and set it off in a manner that would seem to require great expertise and intelligence, dumb enough to try to escape in a car with no license tag?

'3) Why, if McVeigh had just murdered over 150 people, did he make no attempt to shoot the policeman who stopped him for speeding with the gun he had at his side?

'4) Why has the government and the media covered up the data that shows that there were very likely two explosions 10 seconds apart as recorded by the seismology department of the University of Oklahoma? Was there a second, larger bomb inside the building? If so, who rigged it? How did they gain access to a federal facility?

'5) How could an ammonium nitrate car bomb smaller than (or at most, equal to) the bomb detonated in the World Trade Center (and placed farther from its target) do so much more damage to the Federal Building in Oklahoma City?

'6) Why were most of the 15 BATF agents out of the building at the time of the explosion?

'7) Why has the fact that at least one additional undetonated bomb found inside the building, indicating more bombers with access to the inside of the building, not been revealed by the media or government?

'8) Why did the FBI curtail the rescue operation on the night of the bombing (10 hours after the explosion) for 12 hours, reducing rescue workers to just 12, while they rushed 40-50 agents to floors 7-9 to retrieve papers and files? There were dying victims in the rubble with the last live victim pulled out 36 hours after the blast. Why was FBI paperwork/file retrieval more important than rescuing dying victims? How many more victims died because of that delay? What was in those files?

'9) Is it true, as rumored, that the BATF stored all the records on the Waco/Branch Davidian operation in the Murrah Federal Building, records which would have been subpoenaed by the Congress in the ...hearings on the BATF and its involvement at Waco and Ruby Ridge?

'10) Does what happened in Waco on April 19, 1993 when about 80 men, women, children and babies were killed by the government have any relevance to what happened in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995? Would the same group of people (i.e., Clinton and Reno) who perpetuated the deaths of 86 peaceful citizens at the Branch Davidian compound (by shooting, CS gas, and flames) and covered up the deed, even to the extent of bulldozing the site a few weeks later, would such a group of people perpetrate Oklahoma City to advance their own political agenda?...' (The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, May/June 1995, p. 19-20, emphasis his).