PLO Calls for Destruction of Israel

'The decision to favor Jordan as the controller of Jerusalem's Islamic holy sites has angered the PLO, which has issued belligerent statements declaring that it WILL NOT annul the section of its charter calling for the DESTRUCTION of the state of Israel until the Jewish state has completely withdrawn from 'Arab territories' and begun negotiations to cede Jerusalem to the PLO as its capital.

'According to a report in Israel's Arutz newspaper, Faruk Kadumi, head of the political department of the PLO, called as recently as this summer for the total destruction of Israel. He said the state of Israel had been established 'out of historic coercion and it must come to an end.' In a radio PLO broadcast monitored in Israel, Kadumi said, 'This is our right. They stole our land.' He vowed that the PLO would not 'relinguished one grain of sand of Palestinian land.

'Though PLO Chief Yasir Arafat had agreed to the annulment of the PLO's destruction- of-Israel clause during the Palestinian self-rule talks with Israel, the Israeli Hatikvah news service has monitored dozens of 'jihad' (holy war) speeches by Arafat over the last year calling explicitly for 'the capture of Jerusalem and territory held by 'infidels'.' Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein quickly sided with the PLO calling on them to work for the 'return of all the occupied land in Palestine.

-- Twentieth Century Watch, October 1994.