Global Taxation

'Given its preference, the UN would control everything from the permissible rate of carbon dioxide emissions to the 'bio-diversity' of life on the planet. An even more ominous step would be WORLD TAXATION. 'Global fees' are being promoted by such 'experts' as James Speth, formerly of the Natural Resources Defense Council who is now the Clinton Administration's appointee to the UN Development Program. ...Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) and the Association of Concerned Taxpayers, are now raising their voices in opposition.

'Grover Norquist, president of the ATR, held a press conference during the UN celebration to denounce 'UN schemes' that are being proposed 'to hit Americans with an array of world taxes.' Gordon Jones, executive director of the Association of Concerned Taxpayers, in a piece in the October 24th 'Washington Times,' pointed out that there are many proposals emanating from on high in the Secretariat, including a tax on international currency transactions, a tax on carbon emissions, a tax on international stock transactions, and a tax on oil taken from the ground. An international transactions tax, called the 'Tobin Tax' after its creator James Tobin, could take in $1.5 trillion annually.

'The UN has already cost far too much in national treasure and sovereignty for there to have been any celebrating over its reaching age 50. Many apologists, sensing building resistance to the UN, now claim it must reform or die. They're half right.'

-- The New American, Nov. 27, 1995.