Chilling News from Germany

'In a lengthy article in The London Daily Mail, writer Steve Doughty notes that 'The German army is now the strongest in Europe.' In a review of an article in Foreign Policy, he observes, 'An article in the latest issue paints a picture of U.S. friendship with a mighty Germany that dominates Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals.' Doughty goes on:

'Quietly and without fuss, the new Germany is notching up some military successes...A new generation of German army officers have elbowed their way into jobs that matter...A German soldier [Major General Manfred Eisele] is about to take up a post as the United Nation's first under-secretary in charge of peacekeeping. Another is strongly tipped to take over the leadership of NATO's commanding military committee...A third, [Lieutenant General Helmut Willmam] leads the Eurocorps, the seed of a future European army.

'Something deeper is happening. Germany, the richest nation in Europe and potentially as powerful as ever it was in the days when it gloried in its military strength, is flexing its muscles again.

'General Klaus Naumann is the first Inspector-General -- the equivalent of chief of staff -- of a united German army since 1945...Recently he delivered a speech on a visit to Oxford. One of our top German experts, the historian Dr. Anthony Glees, was there. He told me that what he heard during that speech CHILLED HIM TO THE BONE.

'There was uncertainty at 'Europe's backdoor,' General Naumann said. 'You can't speak of stability and rule out military force,' he added.'

'Writer Doughty ends his article, 'If one thing is worth remembering about the collapse of the Soviet Union and the inevitable withdrawal of Americans from Europe is that NATURE ABHORS A VACUUM' (The London Daily Mail, Dec. 13, 1994).

-- Twentieth Century Watch, April/May 1995.