Mycenaean Israelites

"There is evidence that CRETE possessed a high civilization possibly as early as Egypt itself, as is indicated by archaeological finds of both pre-Dynastic and Dynastic types in that island. Crete also had early contacts with GREECE and ASIA MINOR, where many finds testify to the fact, and as is indicated in the similarity of the place-names. There were, for instance, towns named MYCENAE in both Crete and Greece; and a MOUNT IDA was to be found both near Troy and near the Cretan Mycenae. The civilization of Cretan Mycenae, in particular, bore STRIKING RESEMBLANCES to that of the HEBREWS.

"According to a curiously garbled account by the Roman historian Tacitus, the 'Jews' were 'natives of the Isle of Crete' who derived their name from that of Mount Ida (Judah), well known in ancient history and mythology. this story might well be considered fantastic were it not for the fact that archaeological data, as revealed by the late Sir Arthur Evans, proves that an intimate CULTURAL link existed between the Myceneans and the Israelites.

"It is evident that, although Tacitus had absorbed an inexplicably false impression as to the origins of the Israelites, there is a substantial element of truth underlying his story."

-- The Link, September 1981.

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