Islam and the Koran

The words "Arab" and "Islam" are synonymous. Arabs were responsible for the introduction of Islam, and Islam is responsible for keeping the Arab world in the Dark Ages. Arabs are cruel, and Islam is a cruel religion -- they suit each other. The adherents of Islam are exhorted to kill for the sake of Allah, and where the Islamic holy law (Sharia) is in effect, there can be no resisting of Islam nor turning to another religion or faith. To do so invites severe punishment -- by sword, hanging, stoning or crucifixion.

The Koran teaches that women are inferior to men and even admonishes husbands to "scourge" their wives. According to a recent poll, 80 percent of Arab women believe that routine wife-beating is "normal and beneficial for family stability and discipline." And at least one sect believes that women have no souls and, therefore, will not be resurrected.

In some Islamic countries a woman who turns from Islam to embrace Christianity will be publicly hung. And if she has young children, those under the age of five years will be hung along with their mother. Petty crimes, committed by both men and women, are punished by the severing of hands or feet, or both. The "cutting off of hands, feet, ears, tongues, and heads; and the gouging out of eyes -- all of these things are part of Islamic law today."

Like the Arabs themselves, the religion of Islam is savage and rules by fear and terror. Iran's own brand of fanatical Islam has executed 95,000 political prisoners -- dissidents and apostates -- since the 1979 revolution. Untold thousands have died in the Sudan, Iraq and Syria. Welcome to the world of Islam -- the "supreme" religion that Osama bin Ladin and others plan to bring by force upon the entire inhabited world. -- JDK.