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Revealing the Nazi Connection to Islamic Terror

"Hitlers mufti" -- that's how many refer to Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the highly influential Grand Mufti of Jerusalem seen in photographs cozying up to Hitler. So what is the truth about al-Husseini and Hitler -- and the larger question of the connection between radical Islam and Nazism?

by Chuck Morse

Amin al-Husseini, regarded in the Arab world as the founding father of the Palestinian movement, chose the path of denying the national rights of the Jews to that tiny area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea known as Israel.

Al-Husseini instigated a pogrom against indigenous Palestinian Jews in 1920. After conviction in absentia, he was pardoned by British Mandate Gov. Herbert Samuel, himself a British Jew. Samuel was responsible for elevating al-Husseini as Mufti of Jerusalem thus establishing a strange pattern of Western leaders supporting extremists over moderates, a pattern that continues to this day in many cases.

In 1936, al-Husseini met with Adolf Eichmann, one of the Nazi masterminds behind the Holocaust against the Jews, in Palestine where Eichmann visited for a few days. Al-Husseini then was put on the Nazi payroll and received Nazi funds which he used to instigate the Arab Revolt of 1937-1939, according to testimony at the Nuremburg and Eichmann trials.

In 1941, al-Husseini played a key role in instigating a pro-Nazi coup in Iraq. Following the collapse of the coup, al-Husseini helped instigate the Fahud, or the murder campaign against the indigenous Jews of Iraq, a campaign that has been compared to the Kristallnacht in Germany.

In November 1941, al-Husseini met with Hitler in Berlin where he was treated as a visiting head of state. Al-Husseini spent the war years in Nazi Germany where he was recognized as the head of state of a Nazi-Arab government in exile. Hitler promised al-Husseini that he would be chief administrator of the Arab world after the Nazi "liberation."

While in Nazi Germany, al-Husseini directly participated in the Holocaust against the Jews by preventing the exchange of Jews for German POWs and instead ensuring that they went to the crematoria. Al-Husseini led in the effort to train Bosnian Muslim brigades and other Muslim European brigades who were involved in many atrocities. He funneled monies from the Sonderfund -- money looted from Jews as they were sent to the concentration camps -- sending the funds to the Middle East to be used to promote Nazi and anti-Jewish propaganda.

After the war, al-Husseini escaped to Cairo ahead of indictment at Nuremburg where he spent the rest of his life agitating against Israel. He died in Beirut in 1974.

Editor's note: As a postscript, in his article Hitler's Mufti, author and historian Matthew E. Bunson adds: "Hajj Amin al-Husseini's legacy was to inspire generations of terrorists, Islamic jihadists, and such dictators as Saddam Hussein of Iraq. The foremost exemplar of his influence was a young terrorist and distant relative who became one of his most ardent students: Yasser Arafat, the future leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization."

Chuck Morse is a national radio talk show host and author of The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin al-Husseini. Excerpted from "The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terror," an interview with Jamie Glazov on FrontPageMagazine.com.


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