The Islamic Bomb

Ever since Moamar Qaddafi of Libya tried and failed to buy a nuclear bomb from China to destroy Israel, the Arab and Muslim countries have tried to obtain such weapons. As one route of obtaining the "Islamic Bomb," the Arab nations funded Pakistan to be the development center for nuclear weapons. Pakistan was chosen because it had a good scientific research base and was far enough out of the Middle east to make it difficult for Israel to attack pre-emptively. The U.S. threatened reprisals but Pakistan forged ahead and realized the Islamic dream. Then came September 11, 2001.

After the Islamic government of Afghanistan was destroyed by the U.S., evidence that Osama bin Laden had obtained materials for a nuclear arsenal was found in the Al-Qaida tunnel complex outside Kandahar. The cache included low-grade Uranium-238 and cyanide. Earlier, hundreds of jars, drums and metal cases in an underground labyrinth at the desert compond were found when Arab and Pakistani fighters abandoned Kandahar.

To make a nuclear bomb one needs superior technological facilities to turn Uranium-238 into a fissile device like the Hiroshima bomb. Osama bin Laden lacked the specialised equipment for building such a weapon. However, a small so-called "dirty bomb" can be made out of this Uranium if wrapped around a conventional explosive. This small device is capable of spreading radiation over a large area and can be easily transported to carry out terrorist activities.

It is now clear that the Nuclear formula might have fallen into the hands of the Islamic terrorists. The world needs to realize the danger of this because fundamental Islam will stop at nothing to realize its goal of world domination. Dedicated to a jihad, suicide bombers would be only too pleased to fulfill their sacred mission to turn Israel and the hated United States into a "fiery hell" that would make September 11 look like child's play. Let's pray that YEHOVAH God will spare us in spite of our iniquities! -- JDK.