History of the Sabbath

In the Babylonian Mysteries Nimrod was given the name of Saturn -- the hidden god. Down through history nation after nation gave glory and tribute to the hebdomadal gods of Babel, and sabbath days were declared and set aside in their honor -- Friday, the day honoring Venus; Saturday, the day honoring Saturn; and Sunday, the day honoring the Sun god. Nimrod and his Babylonian Mystery worship are alive and well in the world of today!

Tracing the history of the Saturday Sabbath (as observed by most Jews and certain "Christian" groups today) is indeed fascinating, and can be quite shocking to those who hold that the Saturday "Sabbath" is inviolate and is the same today as it was back in the second chapter of Genesis.

To realize that Satan has blinded the Jews in general, and almost all of so-called Christianity, is a pill that most people find hard to swallow. To even contemplate that YEHOVAH God's true Sabbath day went into eclipse and was replaced by the Saturday Sabbath, is something that most unconverted people will not dwell upon. Only a few out of modern "Israel" will hear and obey these words of truth. The majority will stop their ears so they cannot hear. Religious groups (including the Churches of God) will condemn you. The secular world will in no way understand. They will brand you as crazy and of unsound mind. Your family will separate from you. You will indeed be a "peculiar" people separated unto YEHOVAH.

But the evidence for YEHOVAH God's weekly Sabbath day being tied to the phases of the moon is OVERWHELMING. In the search for truth we have uncovered vital new truth that is going to separate the men from the boys. I pray that you, the reader, will be one of the men. -- JDK