The Book of Daniel

Many books and articles have been written in an endeavor to clarify the meaning of Daniel's visions and solve the chronological factors hidden in the numbers given to him.

Until now, no writer has been able to penetrate its many mysteries. Because many in the Churches of God have despised YEHOVAH's Kingdom, refused to believe the records of Scripture, or accept the facts of history which substantiate those records, Daniel to this day is a sealed book to them.

One of the keys to understanding Daniel's visions is to realize that the House of Jacob was organized into the Kingdom of God (YEHOVAH) UPON THIS EARTH. The facts of that organization are clearly presented in the 19th and 20th chapters of Exodus and only the man who shuts his eyes and closes his mind to reality will deny this fact.

Eventually the House of Jacob split into the Northern and Southern kingdoms, and following the captivity of the southern kingdom of Judah YEHOVAH God began transplanting and setting up the Kingdom of God in the far-away isles of Britain. History reveals that after their royal line had passed on before them to Britain, the House of Israel left the land of their Assyrian captors and, after passing through the "gates" of the Caucasus Mountains, found their way into central and southern Europe. From here they finally moved into their "appointed place" in the Isles.

The physical Kingdom of God continued to grow and expand into the North American continent where the Israelite nations of Canada and the US now reside. The very name "America" means the Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of God. This is the Kingdom that Yeshua will rule at his return. -- JDK.