The Entombment of Christ

In their efforts to disparage the Catholic and Protestant concept of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, many of the Churches of God have adhered to Bullinger's theory of Yeshua the Messiah being in the grave for three days and three nights. According to this view, the crucifixion occurred on a Wednesday and the resurrection late on Saturday afternoon.

In order to validate this idea, Bullinger inserted a weekly Sabbath between Nisan 14 and the resurrection -- thus two sabbaths (the high Holy Day of Nisan 15 and the Saturday sabbath) supposedly occurred during this time.

But when we read the gospel accounts of the Messiah's death and resurrection with an open mind, there is absolutely no way we can get three days and three nights from these New Testament verses! I don't care if you read the Bible hanging from the ceiling, lying on your back or peddling through a rain forest -- the conclusion is the same! The Bible simply does not support this viewpoint.

So where does this leave us -- back to the Catholic and Protestant dogma of Good Friday and Easter Sunday? No, not at all.

When we understand that YEHOVAH God's true weekly Sabbath day can fall on any day of the week in the pagan Gregorian calendar of today, the problem can easily be resolved. During the week of the Messiah's death in A.D.31, the weekly Sabbath fell on a Thursday, and since scripture and history show that Yeshua was put to death on a Wednesday, everything falls nicely into place.

With this knowledge we don't have to wrest and distort YEHOVAH God's word in order to disprove the errors of Catholicism and her daughters. -- JDK