Have We Completely Lost Our Senses?

The British and American governments should stop this immediately -- or are we past the point of no return? The November 19th Sunday Telegraph blared out:

"British Muslims sent back as 'sleepers' -- AL-QAIDA Trained fighters too valuable to waste in hot wars - LONDON --

"British Muslims volunteering to fight against coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan are being sent back to Britain to become al-Qaida 'sleeper' agents, the Sunday Telegraph has learned. British intelligence agents believe that young Asian men who have been trained to take part in the so-called 'global jihad' in al-Qaida camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan are now regarded as too valuable an asset to be used fighting British and U.S. troops. Security sources say al-Qaida is unlikely to send a British passport holder to his death as a suicide bomber in Iraq when he would be far more 'valuable' as a 'sleeper' in Britain, with instructions to establish secret cells and to conduct independent terrorist operations without any direct input from al-Qaida's high command. Intelligence agents also warned of the danger facing Britain from radicalized Muslims who are fighting as part of the insurgency in Iraq. A security source said: 'We may see people who have been "blooded" in Iraq, who are experienced in weapon handling and bomb making, arriving back in this country, and they may cause a problem.

"Earlier this month, it emerged that Dhiren Barot, a Muslim convert who was jailed for 40 years for plotting to kill thousands of people in Britain and the United States, had attended a training camp in Pakistan and was subsequently recruited as a sleeper agent by al-Qaida. At least two of the bombers involved in the attacks on London on July 7, 2005, are also known to have visited terrorist training camps in Pakistan."

It boggles the mind to think that our respective governments seem powerless to prevent these people from reentering our countries after training to blow up as many of our citizens as they can! Have we completely lost our senses? Any Muslim (or any other religion, for that matter) who is suspected to have been engaging in any sort of terrorist activities (whether training or actual involvement) should be barred from entering our countries and jailed for terrorist activities. The fact of having a U.S. or British passport should be totally irrelevant, and should the make the terrorist holders of such guilty of high treason.

This breach in the security of our nations will come back to haunt us!