Levi and Simeon

Simeon and Levi were brothers, destined to be divided in Jacob, scattered in Israel (Genesis 49;7) and therefore were not to be concentrated in one specific area. The name LEVI seems to recur in family appellations such as Levison, and Lewis. They were the priestly tribe from whom came Moses and Aharon out of whose loins came the COHANS. Many Levites fled to Judah before the Ten Tribes were exiled. Likewise a good portion of SIMEON was to be absorbed by Judah both before the Assyrian Exile and afterwards when the Khazars of Scythia converted en masse to Judaism.

Talmudic tradition relates that Simeon was to receive an especial blessing via his affiliation within the Tribe of Judah. Therefore, what applies to Judah in prophecy also has significance concerning the Tribe of Simeon. Historically, the Headobards-Lombards of Ohad-Simeon were destined from the area of Scandinavia to migrate southward and ultimately conquer and settle the region of Northern Italy now called LOMBARDY.

LOMBARDY in ancient times had been known as "Gallia Transpadana" and its one-time inhabitants according to Pliny (N.H. 3;17) had been called "Laevi" or "Levi" (sic.). Thus, the Simeon-Levi association may have been repeated when then Headobards (Ohad from Simeon) settled in the "Levi" neighborhood creating a Lombard-Laevi conjunction. As stated, the Lombards (Headobards) had emerged from Scandinavia and were closely-associated with the Angles who later conquered England. In Scandinavia, Ptolemy reported a people named "Levonii" who may also have had Levite-connections and may have been part of the Lombards, since Ptolemy's report dates to the time when the Lombards were probably still within the Scandinavian area, at least in part.

Levi, however, like Simeon, seems to have achieved his natural expression more easily through partnership to Judah to whose kingdom (2 Chronicles 13;9-11) many Levites fled, and most Levites appear today to be found amongst the Jewish people. In Scripture the Judahites are represented by the terms Jerusalem, Zion, or Judah.

-- by Yair Davidy


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