Islam and the Bible

Apart from Christianity, Islam is arguably the most influential religion on the face of the earth. It is the second largest religion in the world -- and the powerful resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism continues to spread the Muslim faith in more moderate Islamic nations.

Not only that, but Islam has the power to change the destinies of millions of people in the West itself. It has become the second largest religion in Europe and the third largest in the U.S. Islam is now Britain's third largest religion. There are more Muslims than Methodists in Chicago and more than 500,000 in Los Angeles alone. This should give every freedom-loving person in the "Christianized" West reason for alarm since the principal goal of Islam is to bring Islamic law to every single nation.

The ideological influence of Islam expands to other nations on a daily basis, and Islamic fundamentalism is increasingly aggressive. Religiously, socially, politically, economically and militarily Islam will continue to powerfully impact our world today. Readers of this magazine should not think Islam is of little concern to YEHOVAH's Church. Apart from North Korea and China, Islamic-dominated countries occupied every single spot on the top ten list of countries where persecution of YEHOVAH's people is most severe.

Would a false religion of such prominence and impact on YEHOVAH's people, and the world in general, remain unmentioned in His word, the Bible? Up until about 170 years ago it was common knowledge among Bible students that the scourge of Islam is indeed revealed in the Bible. In this issue of The Berean Voice we will cut through "Christian" deception and unveil Islam for all to see. -- JDK.