Do We Really Know What Day Is YEHOVAH God's Sabbath?

Which day is the seventh day? Saturday or Sunday? Or even some other day? YEHOVAH God "blessed" and "sanctified" only "the seventh day" (Gen. 2:3).

If a person is just one day off in observing the Sabbath, it doesn't count. For instance, if a person is just one day off in observing the Passover, Yeshua said, "ye have no life in you" (John 6:53). If a bridegroom invited guests to his wedding, and they were a day late, they would miss the wedding (cp. Matt. 25:10-12). Let us therefore be like the men of Issachar "who had understanding of the times" (I Chron. 12:32; see also Esther 1:13). The modern Roman calendar is NOT YEHOVAH God's calemdar. The Romans rejected YEHOVAH's ways (Romans 1:18-22).

Professor Eviatar Zerubavel, in his ground-breaking work The Seven Day Circle, proclaims "the dissociation of the seven-day week from nature has been one of the most significant contributions of Judaism to civilization." What did he mean by this? Could it be that the Jews divorced themselves from YEHOVAH's true Sabbath and weekly cycle?

I also ask you -- WHY would YEHOVAH God complicate the Israelites' lives by having them keep TWO calendars or reckonings, one for the weekly Sabbath and one for the annual holy days?

The Fourth Commandment is a pivotal one, the keeping of which is a sign between YEHOVAH God and His people. The sign is so YEHOVAH can recognize who His people are by when and how they keep it. If there is a particular day, we need to know when it is. Just because people have traditionally kept a certain day for a period of time does not mean it is correct. We need to search the Scriptures diligently to see if these things are so. -- JDK