The Use of "Elohim" and Its Consequences

The word "Elohim" -- to the detriment of the understanding of most "Christians" in this world -- has been used incorrectly in Genesis 1:26-27. The confusion that is rampant at this time would not have occurred if the name of YEHOVAH had not been replaced by the PAGAN title "Elohim."

The word "Elohim" replaced the name of "YEHOVAH" in the scriptures, incorporating the pagan tendency to employ PLURAL forms of Canaanite gods -- which the early Hebrews unfortunately adopted. Soon afterward the people began to think that Lord God or Lord GODS (plural -- as in more than one god: a "TRINITY" or a "DUALITY," depending upon the group) created the heavens and the earth. Most translators follow the same error when they reproduce the scriptures, even though they know full well that it is grammatically incorrect to do so.

The spiritual harm that has been done to millions is immense. Unfortunately, those false ministers who want to promote the FALSE concept of a "pre-existent Messiah" pounce upon these verses in an effort to "prove" that Yeshua was the god of the Old Testament. Being themselves unlearned and ignorant of YEHOVAH's plan and the basics of the Hebrew language, these pastors of perversity deceive many into believing a FALSE SAVIOR.

The plain fact is that the Creator was never known as "Elohim" in any of the ORIGINAL writings! The earliest manuscripts we have use the name of YEHOVAH exclusively within their writings. The word "Elohim" was accepted into the Hebrew language many years AFTER these early manuscripts. -- John D. Keyser