Confused Identities

Millions of Christians are totally confused about the relationship between YEHOVAH God and Christ (the Messiah). This confusion between the One LORD GOD (YHVH) of Israel and His Messiah, i.e., the one He has chosen or anointed, has led to endless confusion about the role of the Messiah in the soon coming Kingdom of YEHOVAH God here on this earth.

We hear so much today about the "second coming of Christ" when, in fact, we should more properly emphasize a different "Second Coming" -- not that of the Messiah but the "Second Coming" of YEHOVAH GOD Himself! And yet one NEVER hears it in the so-called Christian churches today.

The problem is that "Christianity" has lost its Hebraic roots. Before one tries to understand the development of the New Testament ideas on the Messiah and his "second coming", it is essential to first have a thorough grounding in what the Hebrew Scriptures actually say.

Less than a dozen O.T. texts speak of the role of Yeshua the Messiah at his "second coming." In contrast there are hundreds of texts in the O.T. that deal -- in the greatest detail -- with the end of the age, the great Day of Judgment and the arrival of YEHOVAH God. In text after text the role of the Messiah is not even mentioned -- much less emphasized. Rather, a more basic teaching of the Bible is underscored -- that of the Coming of YEHOVAH God Himself.

The Old and New Testaments constantly emphasize the dramatic, awesome, earth-shaking personal return of YEHOVAH Himself to this planet. They clearly intend to convey an actual, literal, historical event in the near future -- something that will be experienced by all the inhabitants of the earth. -- JDK