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Evolution: Fact or Fable?

How "scientific" is the evolutionary theory of the origin of all life? Should Darwin's theory be burned? Why is modern science so loathe to admit the existence of YEHOVAH God? Why does society banish the teaching of creation from modern classrooms? And why does the Roman Vatican itself embrace this preposterous theory?

by HOIM Staff

Many people were shocked when the news reported that Paul John Paul II recently spoke favorably of the theory of the evolutionary origins of man. The truth is, however, that the Catholic Church for decades has been a strong supporter of the evolutionary theory, claiming there is no opposition between evolution and religious belief. Of course, the Catholic Church does not teach that the Scriptures are literal truth, and, like most modern Protestant mainline denominations, has relegated the story of Adam and Eve to mythology long ago.

In 1982, honoring Charles Darwin on the 100th anniversary of his death, the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences issued a statement declaring "masses of scientific evidence render the application of the concept of evolution . . . beyond serious dispute." In fact, the New Catholic Encyclopedia asserts with rigor, and smug sanctity, "evolution has been established as thoroughly as science can establish facts."

However, Yeshua the Messiah took the story of Adam and Eve literally. He referred to YEHOVAH God having madc them "male and female," literally (Matt.19:4-5). The apostle Paul also took the story literally (I Cor.11:8-9; 15:22; I Tim.2:13-14; Rom.5:14). And Yeshua said the "Scripture cannot be broken" (John 10:35). If He lied, or was mistaken, then we have no Saviour!

Thus the theory of evolution strikes at the very roots of true Christianity and true Torah -- the Word of YEHOVAH God! Which will we believe? The rantings and ravings of men and their theories, which the apostle Paul refers to as "science falsely so called"? Or the inviolate Word of the living God?

Boasts The American Atheist, "Destroy Adam and Eve and original sin, and in the rubble you will find the sorry remains of the Son of God and take away the meaning of his death."

However, the proud boasts of those who deny the inspiration of Holy Scripture notwithstanding, growing numbers of scientists who have studied evolutionary theory exhaustively have concluded that it is nothing but a pipe-dream -- a pile of rubbish -- and pseudo-science at best. Asserted Astronomer and mathematician Sir Fred Hoyle, "The scientific world has been bamboozled into believing that evolution has been proved. Nothing could be further from the truth."

Biologist Michael Denton, in his book Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, states that Darwinism has been so thoroughly discredited that it ought to be discarded. The theory is "a metaphysical myth" says Wolfgang Smith, professor of mathematics, and is "totally bereft of scientific sanction."

Senior Paleontologist Colin Patterson of the British Museum of Natural History, after more than twenty years in the field of paleontology, concluded "there was not one thing I know about it [evolution]. It's quite a shock to learn that one can be misled for so long."

Patterson began asking other scientists to tell him one thing they knew about evolution. Biologists at the American Museum of Natural History were speechless. Patterson declared: "I tried that question on the geology staff at the Field Museum of Natural History and the only answer I got was silence. I tried it on the members of the Evolutionary Morphology Seminar in the University of Chicago, a very prestigious body of evolutionists, and all I got there was silence for a long time and eventually one person said, 'I know one thing -- it ought not to be taught in high school.'"

Dave Hunt, in a recent article entitled "Evolution or God's Word?" discusses these facts, and quotes the Oxford University zoologist Richard Dawkins who, in his book The Blind Watchmaker, says that biology is "the study of complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose." Did you get that? "Give the appearance"! Of course! Biological organisms WERE designed for a purpose! Intelligent design is behind ALL the amazingly intricate and bafflingly perplex mysteries of Creation! (The Berean Call, Feb. 1997).

Hunt points out that just one cell, the smallest living unit, can have 100,000 molecules and 10,000 intricately interrelated chemical reactions going on at one time. Even Dawkins admits that every cell contains in its nucleus "a digitally coded database larger . . . than all 30 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica put together." What are the "odds" against evolving "by chance" a 30-volume edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica?

What are the mathematical odds against life forms arising by "chance"? Astronomer and mathematician Fred Hoyle has calculated that the odds against producing just the basic enzymes of life by chance is a '1' followed by 40,000 zeroes! Says Dave Hunt, "By comparison, the odds of plucking a particular atom out of the universe is 1 over 1 with 80 zeros." He continues, "Even if each atom became another universe, the odds of plucking a particular atom out of all those universes by chance are 1 over 1 with 160 zeros."

In a new book Darwin's Black Box, Michael J. Behe documents that life at its most basic chemical cellular level is incomprehensibly complex -- at a level completely unimagined by Darwin and his peers. Behe examines the process of blood clotting. Why does blood clot only at the point of bleeding, and not within arteries or veins? And why does it stop clotting when bleeding stops? How many millions or billions of animals would have "bled to death" before this intricate mechanism began to eventually work flawlessly? How many millions would have died on the spot, while evolution "gradually" perfected this highly complex and carefully designed system?

The immune system is even more complex. Says Behe, "The complexity of the system dooms all Darwinian explanations" (p.139).

Says Behe, after offering multiple examples at the biochemical level of life that simply could never have evolved gratuitously, the evolutionary theory "should be banished." After reviewing the microcomplexity of the biochemical level of life, Behe concludes that such "irreducibly complex" elements simply could not have evolved by chance. He declares that evolutionary theory "cannot explain the origin of the complex biochemical structures that undergird life. It doesn't even try." Behe concludes, "The conclusion of intelligent design flows naturally from the data itself -- not from sacred books or sectarian beliefs."

Berkeley law professor Philip Johnson, in his 1991 book Darwin on Trial, shocked the academic world with his bold conclusions that evolution long ago "abandoned the truthful and accurate reporting to which science has traditionally been committed in their zeal to extirpate and dismiss religion." John puts his finger right on the problem. He asserts: "The whole purpose of the Darwinian evolutionary theory is to . . . show that you don't need a pre-existing intelligence."

Evolution is nothing more than a brazen attempt to dismiss, ignore, and deny YEHOVAH God!

Dave Hunt points out a number of rather obvious facts that apparently few scientists ever stop to consider in their "mad rush" to DENY YEHOVAH God as Creator. He declares:

"Evolution would have filled the fossil record with billions of intermediary creatures, yet not one of these 'missing links' has been found! Imagine the debris of the millions of tiny increments over millions of years it must have taken to develop lungs from gills, wings from nothing, the stomach and digestive system, eyes, kidneys, the brain and nervous system throughout the body, the blood stream, sperm and ovum for mammals, the egg and its shell for birds and reptiles, etc. Impossibility is compounded since each of these systems is incredibly complex and could not gradually evolve, but must be fully functional to sustain life and aid in 'survival' -- for example, the bat's sophisticated radar system.

"How many Arctic terns drowned before the first one 'learned,' by chance, to navigate thousands of miles across the ocean? How many salmon lost their way and never made it back to their birth stream to spawn before this uncanny ability was developed? How many spiders starved before the amazing mechanism for making webs chanced itself into existence -- and who jtaught spiders to use this contrivance? How many eggs of all manner of birds rotted before the instinct to hatch eggs developed? How was it learned and passed on? There are countless impossibilities for 'chance'" (Berean Call, ibid.).

Only an act of Divine Creation can account for all the myriads and mysteries of the complexities of life. The marvel of design, engineering, the breath-taking abilities of insects, birds, diving bell spiders, the water oozel, a bird that literally walks underwater in streams, the bombadier beetle -- even the "smell" of a skunk -- all combine to sing the praises of the Creator!


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