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Islam Engulfing Europe....Next It Could Be the American Continent!

The Islamic march to engulf Europe can not be stopped now! It seems that an apocalyptic current is moving rapidly over the entire European continent.

by Anthony Ianosel, L.C.

Many years ago, Islam’s most revered Prophet Mohammed prophesied that one day Muslims will take over Rome -- the legitimate historical center of pagan Christianity. Today, Italy’s capital, Rome, accommodates the largest mosque on the European continent named “Moschea di Roma”, which is also known as the “Great Mosque of Rome”!

This mosque can sit some 12,000 Muslim worshipers. The mosque represents also an undeniable and powerful symbol for the rapidly growing Islam, which is slowly engulfing Europe -- and in the heart of modern so-called Christianity!

Some European experts assert that “The Great Mosque of Rome and the growing number of giant mosques across Europe are changing not only the physical landscape, but some say they are likely to change the political landscape as well”, reports the respected CBN News.

This fact is astonishing, when serious considerations are given to the political and social ramifications -- not to mention the legal implications, such as the practice and enforcement of Islam’s Sharia law in the heart of Catholic Europe!

Another astonishing fact that Islam is engulfing Europe points out to the construction plans of other large mosques in every major city of Europe. This entails a large presence of Islamic worshipers at these numerous mosques, which in due time will demand Sharia law as the norm.

Sooner or later, these large Islamic centers, in the heart of Europe, will “welcome” numerous worshipers from their homelands.

In one of its recent articles, the highly respected CBN News, reported that in Cologne, Germany, a large mosque, with some 150 foot tall minarets, is now under construction, which will rival the largest Gothic Church in Northern Europe [see the CBN News article here at this web site: www.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2011/May/Tentacles-of-Islam-Slowly-Enveloping-Europe]

The highly respected CBN News further reports that “the Muslim worship facility, which is being funded by the government of Turkey, is opposed by groups who see it as a piece of Turkish territory in the heart of Germany.” It cites credible information from one of the German groups organizers (speaking directly to CBN News reporters) which complains that, " ‘This mosque is a symbol of political power. It's a symbol of Islamization in the center of Europe, and especially this mosque in Cologne-Ehrenfeld,’ Pro-Köln organizer Manfred Rouhs told CBN News.” The CBN News report continues: “In fact, many of the large mosque projects in Europe are funded by the Turkish government. Some are being financed by the Saudis, and some, like the one planned for Copenhagen, are being built with money from Iran's Revolutionary Guard.”

Some European experts in Muslim issues claim that, for example the mosque under construction in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen, "It's not really a mosque, ’Danish Muslim expert Lars Hedegaard said of the Copenhagen mosque. ’It's more like a barracks. It's going to be an institution that will terrorize not only Danes but also non obedient Iranians ". These grave concerns expressed by leading Europeans, who are seeing a little too late the engulfing process of Europe by Islam are worthy to be taken in consideration by the North American Continent’s leaders! This historical lesson Europeans are learning, a little too late, is worth giving appropriate consideration in the American continent’s political circles while there is some time left to halt the tide of immigration from the Islamic countries and scrutinize the political and social implications resulting from the current immigration policies.

It is further reported by the respected CBN News, that in London, a plan to build the largest mosque in Europe ran into strong public opposition and has been downsized.” Evidently, all of the “opposition” and “complaining” by the European public is a little too late! The Islam’s march to engulf Europe is certain! In less than 20 years, Europe will have the Muslims’ Sharia law enforced side-by-side with the European laws! It is happening now in some European capitals.

The Islamic march to engulf Europe can not be stopped now! It seems that an apocalyptic current is moving rapidly over the entire European continent. On the North American continent this apocalyptic current is moving much slower now...but, it will pick up speed in the next 5 to 10 years -- if the immigration policies are not closely re-examined by U.S. Congress. Construction of mega mosques will also start here on the American Continent, and with it, as we have learned from the Europeans, the Sharia law will be demanded by the millions of Islamic worshipers side-by-side to the Anglo-American system of jurisprudence practiced on this great continent for the past 200 years!


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