Americans Trade Moral Failing For Immorality As Democrats Sweep Elections

Republican Party corruption and the handling of the Iraq war appeared to motivate Americans to vote for a nationwide change in leadership of Congress, governors and even statehouses. The national sweep, however, may very well have been trading one type of moral failing for another, even stronger one, of accelerating the forced acceptance of homosexuality, since this is a basic tenet of the Democratic Party platform. Moreover, Democrats ran on an anti-Iraq war message, which means a pull out of Iraq may be accelerated and the war on terror may well be coming to American soil.

The American public stood in a classic “catch 22” at the voting booth. The Republican Party had abandoned the high ground with rampant corruption within the ranks—not that the Democrats were squeaky clean—but Republicans were the ones getting caught. Americans seem to refuse to allow immoral leaders to govern for any length of time after they are exposed. Yet, those waiting in the wings to govern, support as a political party incredibly immoral positions as defined by Scripture.

If Americans agreed with the positions of those who were just voted into office, then statewide constitutional amendments to ban homosexual marriage also would have been voted down. Seven out of eight states voted to ban same sex marriage. In Arizona, the only state where the amendment did not pass, the issue centered around benefits rights for homosexuals and it will likely be reworded and put up for a vote another time. The crossover vote from those who wanted to ban homosexual marriage to those politicians who also support banning same sex marriages did not occur. This means Americans made a distinct choice to swap one type of immorality for another.