Response to a Trinitarian

The one God of the Messiah and the Shema was never distant and remote. My point is this: that we surely know that the God of the Hebrew Bible, the God and Father of Israelites, was never Triune! It is, I think, an insult to Israelites who died for the One God of the Hebrew Bible, and fought hard against the Trinity (not to mention others like Servetus, the biblical unitarian who was murdered by Calvin on the same issue!).

I am retired from a career teaching the Bible languages in a Bible college. I have pondered Scripture for some 55 years. Like you, I want truth. God is one divine Person and that one Person is YHVH, His personal name. YHVH is one Father, never three Persons (Mal. 2:10; Isa. 64:8, and thousands of singular personal pronouns for God).  

Yeshua is the lord Messiah, not the LORD God, and Luke 2:11 introduces him perfectly. He is not the LORD God, and no one thought God could be born! The Messiah is the anointed lord. Messiah means "anointed one." YEHOVAH God is never anointed.

The Messiah affirmed the unitarian creed of his Israelite heritage, agreeing with a friendly Israelite in Mark 12. The Messiah then went on to cite Psalm 110:1 to define himself as the human Messiah, not GOD! There cannot be two GODs! Yeshua is the "my lord" (adoni) of Psalm 110:1. That verse gives us a vital key to the whole of Scripture."

You YHVH are our Father" (Isa. 64:8; 63:16; Mal. 2:10) and thousands of singular pronouns for the One God. YEHOVAH is not three Persons!

It was the Greek "church fathers," so called, who need some of your tough treatment! It was they, beginning with Justin Martyr (an Arian believing in a preexisting Son) who later from Nicea on (325 AD) turned YEHOVAH God into three. Most in church today accept the church fathers without much thought! How many in church can explain their belief in a "beginningless beginning" (eternal generation) for the Son? Millard Erickson, premier Trinitarian, says that a Trinitarian must say "He are three and they is one" to express a definition of God! I don't think YEHOVAH God is pleased with this sloppy use of logic!

We need the unitary monotheistic God of the Shema (Deut. 6:4; Mark 12:29) because this is the God whom the Messiah worshiped and believed was "the only one who is true God" (John 17:3).

Surely the fact that in the New Testament God (o theos) equals the Father over 1300 times ought to be instructive.

There was no Gnostic chasm in the Hebrew Bible (i.e. no vast gulf between the God of Israel and His faithful people). The God and Father of the Messiah, the God of both Testaments, was always approachable, and He is one Father, mediated by His agent the Messiah.

I think you are reading the Gospel of John in a way which (helped by some mistranslation) turns YEHOVAH God into two! That breaks the first commandment.

The Trinity is not fair on the Messiah who aligned himself with the Shema of the Hebrew Bible (Mark 12:29). So should we, as claiming to follow the Messiah.

It is not for us to tell YEHOVAH God who is sufficient to atone for our sins! If He approves and gives us the sinless, perfectly obedient human lamb, we should believe it.


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