Questions about Preexistence

As well as contradicting the Bible, preexistence simply defies logic. Consider these questions:

(1) At what point in the Messiah's earthly ministry was he aware of his preexistence?

(2) How could the Messiah fully comprehend his preexistence consisting of the same attributes as the Father which were only on loan to him on a limited basis?

(3) At what point did the Messiah know the decision he was wrestling with to go to the cross was one he had already previously made in his former state?

(4) What meaningful fellowship could the Father possibly have had with his preexistent Son who shared the exact same attributes as the Father prior to creation?

(5) Was the "decision" of the preexistent Son to "empty himself' of his deity really a decision at all considering he already shared the Father's omniscience?

(6) How is it possible for the preexistent Son to empty himself of everything that makes up his entire existence (substance and essence). What would remain?

(7) Since the Messiah is in his final resurrected body state, where did his preexistent substance and essence go? Back to the Father?

(8) At the exact second prior to the Father supposedly conceiving the Messiah in the womb of Mary by the power of the holy spirit, what was the preexistent substance and essence doing? Why was it even necessary?

(9) Does the resurrected Messiah long and lament for the days when he existed as the preexistent Son? Does he have any lasting memories of those days? How could he?

-- by Robert Recchia

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