The Hebrew Word You Really Must Know!

There is a Hebrew word found in your Old Testament 195 times. It is the word for "my lord" which tells you that the one it describes is NOT God, NOT Deity! There is a similar word which by clear contrast means the LORD God. Here are the words which will yet change the face of churches and preaching! The first is the word adoni (pronounced in Hebrew "adonee'). This word, which appears 195 times, tells you that the one so titled is NOT God, NOT Deity. The other word is Adonai (pronounced in Hebrew "Adon-eye," rhyming with El Shaddai). That word Adonai (450 times) refers to YEHOVAH God, to Deity, i.e., the LORD God. It appears in most Bibles as "Lord" (capital L) and means LORD God. The other word adoni ("adonee") appears in your Bible as "my lord" or "master." It ought always to be written as "lord" (lower case "l").

But now note this amazing trick: In Psalm 110:1, which is a "John 3:16" of the Bible, cited massively because of its central importance, you will find the word for the second lord written as "Lord" (capital "L") instead of correctly "lord" (lower case "l"). The Hebrew word (tell your friends) for that second lord in Psalm 110:1 is adoni (my lord).

Many translators are misleading you. They are trying to make you think that the second lord (Psalm 110:1) is LORD God! They are trying to make you read, "The oracle of the LORD (YHVH) to my Lord God (ADONAI, Deity): "Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool." But the Hebrew reads in fact, "The oracle of the LORD (YHVH) to my lord (adoni)." The difference is HUGE -- between Lord (Deity) and the lord (non-Deity).

The word adoni (my lord) occurs as we have said 195 times in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). I want to introduce you to just three of these, and you will see the clear distinction between LORD GOD (YEHOVAH) and my lord (adoni). These samples are from the beautiful account of Abigail and her meeting with King David.

I Samuel 25:28: "Please forgive the transgression of your maidservant, for the LORD [YEHOVAH] will certainly make for my lord [adoni, David] an enduring house, because my lord [adoni, David] is fighting the battles of the LORD [YEHOVAH]."

I Samuel 25:30-31: "And when the LORD [YEHOVAH] does for my lord [adoni] according to all the good which He has spoken to you, and appoints you ruler over Israel, this will not cause grief or a troubled heart to my lord [adoni], both by having shed blood without cause and by my lord [adoni] having avenged himself. When the LORD [YEHOVAH] deals well with my lord [adoni], then remember your maidservant."

Now compare the famous verse Psalm 110:1 which is cited all through the New Testament:

Psalm 110:1: "A psalm of David: The LORD [YEHOVAH] says to my lord [adoni]: Sit at My right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet."

The RV, RSV, NRSV and NAB versions correctly translate the second lord as "lord," non-Deity. Most other translations mistranslate the second lord as "Lord," misleading you into belief that there are two who are GOD -- two LORDS!

These (above) are only a few out of the 195 samples of adoni (my lord), the amazing word which tells you that Yeshua is the human lord Messiah (Luke 2:11) and NOT the LORD GOD. The Messiah did not believe in any Trinity and nor should his followers if they are going to take the Messiah's words with utmost seriousness!


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