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Beware of the Day of the Sun!

It didn't take long for Satan to begin corrupting YEHOVAH God's true Sabath day into the Sunday worship we see today. Under Satan's influence, Nimrod's Babylonia began calling YEHOVAH's lunar Sabbath days "evil days" in which the Babylonians were to afflict themselves and do penance. Then, with the introduction of the planetary week, all links to YEHOVAH's Sabbath days were lost. Centuries later, Constantine "the Great" put his stamp of approval on Satan's perversion and banned the observance of YEHOVAH's true Sabbath day under the threat of death. With the rise of the Catholic Church Constantine's laws were enforced upon the Christians of Europe and millions were executed for observing YEHOVAH God's Sabbath day.

by John D. Keyser

Ominous sounds are coming out of Europe. In a weekly British newspaper called The European, dated October 17, 1991, the following report is found: "Millions of Europeans could lose the right to work on Sundays and thousands more face the sack [losing their jobs] if EC bureaucrats succeed in making the seventh day [?] one of COMPULSORY REST."

The report goes on to say that "Countries with widely different social and working customs would have to CONFORM TO STRICT RULES if the Sunday proposals become law. All but essential services would be banned. Even lorries [trucks] could be stopped from using motorways."

This plan, which has been pushed through the European Commission with the minimum of publicity, is backed by the Germans, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Denmark who already have STRICT LAWS preventing almost any sort of work being carried out on Sundays. Germany, the MAIN BACKER of this bill, has constitutionally enshrined the ban on Sunday trading; and 82 percent of its workers DO NOT work on this day.

These moves are NOT new. The Roman Catholic Church has been pushing for Sunday laws, within the confines of the European Common Market, for decades. Why? Because the VATICAN considers the Common Market to be the work of Divine Providence! Notice this AMAZING statement from a news release dated March 24, 1962:

This startling news release brings into sharp focus the ULTIMATE GOAL of the Roman Catholic Church in world affairs. The POWER, then, behind the Common Market, and the moves to introduce SUNDAY LAWS, is the VATICAN itself! Why should the Catholic Church be so concerned, and so involved with, the introduction of laws to sanctify Sunday above all other days? Because this is the one TEST of obedience or submission to the AUTHORITY of the Church!


If you read the BIBLE from the first verse of Genesis to the last verse of Revelation, you will not find a SINGLE verse, statement, phrase or word condoning the observance of Sunday as the Sabbath! There is, in fact, NO BIBLE AUTHORITY for setting aside Sunday as the day of rest.

Even CATHOLIC and Protestant scholars understand this! Notice what author H. Reisenfeld says:

Methodist Clovis G. Chappell, in his book Ten Rules For Living, states that "the reason we observe the first day instead of the seventh is based on NO positive command. One will search the Scriptures in vain for authority for changing from the seventh day to the first" (p. 61).

The Lutheran Church makes this FRANK ADMISSION: "The observance of the Lord's day [meaning Sunday] is founded NOT on any COMMAND OF GOD, but on the AUTHORITY OF THE [CATHOLIC] CHURCH." (Augsburg Confession, 1530. Part 2, chapter 1, sec.10).

Samuele Bacchiocchi, the consummate researcher into the Sabbath question, totally agrees with the Lutheran confession:

Not to be outdone, the CHURCH OF ENGLAND, in one of its catechisms, makes this following FRANK CONFESSION regarding Sunday: "And WHERE are we told in Scripture that we are to keep the first day [assumed Sunday] at all? We are commanded to keep the seventh; but we are NOWHERE COMMANDED to keep the FIRST DAY...The reason WHY we keep the first day of the week holy instead of the seventh is for the same reason that WE OBSERVE many other things, not BECAUSE the Bible, but because the [CATHOLIC] CHURCH, HAS ENJOINED IT." (Plain Sermons on the Catechism, by Isaac Williams. Vol. I, pp. 334-336).

What an admission!

There is a CONFESSION, made by Dr. Edward T. Hiscox (author of The Baptist Manual) before a New York Minister's Conference on Nov.13, 1893, that reads as follows:

What an incredible statement!

The Bible Advocate of February, 1992 notes that "A large number of Sunday-keeping clergy HAVE LONG BEEN AWARE that the Puritan polemic for sabbatizing the FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK HAS NOT WITHSTOOD MODERN INVESTIGATION" (p. 5).

How very true! But this being the case, WHY do so-called "Christians" still CONTINUE TO KEEP the "Day of the Sun" instead of the day set aside and ordained by YEHOVAH God? The answer lies in CHURCH AUTHORITY!


If we turn to The Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, and look under the word "Sunday," we learn the following: "Sunday (dies solis, of the Roman Calendar, 'DAY OF THE SUN,' because DEDICATED TO THE SUN), the first day of the week, was adopted by the early [apostatizing] Christians as a day of worship...It was called the 'Lord's Day'...NO REGULATIONS for its observance are laid down in the New Testament, nor indeed, is its observance EVEN ENJOINED...." (Vol.IV, pp. 2259-60).

In 321 A.D. Sunday observance began to be ENJOINED by Roman state decree! A study of history reveals that it was the Roman Emperor CONSTANTINE "THE GREAT" who made the DECREE to force the Roman world to keep the Day of the Sun instead of YEHOVAH God's TRUE SABBATH.

The DECREE of Constantine reads as follows: "On the venerable DAY OF THE SUN [SUNDAY] let the magistrates and PEOPLE residing in cities REST, and let ALL workshops BE CLOSED." (Codex Justinianus, lib. 3, tit. 12:3; translated in History of the Christian Church, by Schaff, Vol.III, p. 380).

Why did Constantine make this decree turning Sunday into the Sabbath? Because it was his way of HARMONIZING the various bickering religions of the Roman Empire under ONE COMMON UNIFYING INSTITUTION. He also saw it as an effective way to gain absolute control of the empire.

Doesn't that sound familiar? Hasn't the Roman Catholic Church been trying to "harmonize" and reconcile to itself the various "Christian" religions of today? History repeats itself!

Not only that, but isn't the WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD doing exactly the same thing? Under the guise of FAMILY togetherness and UNITY in the Church, an APOSTATE LEADERSHIP is WATERING DOWN THE TRUTH OF YEHOVAH GOD to make it more palatable to the world at large. How far will Joseph Tkach, Jr. (under the leadership of SATAN THE DEVIL) go? Will this so-called Church of God, too, start observing the DAY OF THE SUN?

In Lesson 30 of the OLD Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course, this question was posed:

It didn't end here. Within a few years (325 A.D.) Constantine issued another decree FORCING SUNDAY-KEEPING UPON THE ROMAN WORLD with armed MILITARY MIGHT! History plainly tells us that DEATH RESULTED for those who upheld the laws of YEHOVAH God and OPPOSED THE SUNDAY OBSERVANCE dictates of Constantine and his government.

By 365 A.D. there were still many Sabbath-keeping Christians who were loyal to YEHOVAH God and His commandments; but the pressure was beginning to mount. By this time the Catholic Church, aided and abetted by Constantine, had gained considerable influence in the CIVIL AFFAIRS of the Roman Empire. This resulted in the SABBATH becoming a FOCUS FOR ATTACK.

The CATHOLIC COUNCIL OF LAODICEA was called to settle -- among other things -- the Sabbath question! Out of this assembly came a CANON -- the twenty-ninth -- which put this issue to rest: "CHRISTIANS MUST NOT JUDAIZE BY RESTING ON THE SABBATH, but must WORK ON THAT DAY...and, if they can, resting then [on Sunday] as Christians. BUT if any be found to be JUDAIZERS [TRUE SABBATH KEEPERS], let them be ANATHEMA from Christ." (Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Vol. XIX, p. 148).

It was the CATHOLIC CHURCH which sanctioned the PAGAN Roman Sunday as a day of rest and worship. Not only that, but it was the CATHOLIC CHURCH which "changed" a law of YEHOVAH God by CLAIMING IT HAD AUTHORITY FROM YEHOVAH TO "OFFICIALLY" TRANSFER THE TRUE SABBATH FROM A LUNAR CONFIGURATION TO SUNDAY of the planetary week! This Roman Sunday law now had the POWER of an ecclesiastical law.

The Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course summarizes these events:

This church-state combine PUT TO DEATH all those who would not WORSHIP AND OBEY THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, whose GOVERNMENT was formed, or patterned, after that of the Roman CIVIL government.

Realize that this great FALSE CHURCH did not kill those loyal to YEHOVAH God itself, but USED THE MIGHTY POWER OF THE CIVIL GOVERNMENT to kill them! History clearly shows that the military might of the CIVIL Roman government MARTYRED NEARLY 50,000,000 -- READ THAT AGAIN, FIFTY MILLION -- people who were declared to be "anathema from Christ."

Those 50,000,000 martyrs were put to death because they WOULD NOT worship the Roman Catholic Church. They WOULD NOT conform to its IDOLATRY; its PAGAN BELIEFS; its CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS; or worship the so-called "Holy" Roman Empire! Many were put to death because they REFUSED to keep the DAY OF THE SUN!

So SATAN, through HIS religious and political instrumentalities -- NAMELY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH -- successfully STAMPED OUT all known SABBATH OBSERVANCE, and ENFORCED SUNDAY KEEPING in the Roman Empire. As the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course puts it: "No wonder these were called the "DARK AGES," for GOD'S TRUTH was all but COMPLETELY STAMPED OUT!"


What sort of man was this Constantine, this emperor who was instrumental in FORCING Sunday-worship upon the masses of the Roman Empire?

According to Edward Gibbon, the eminent historian of the Roman Empire, "Constantine...persevered till he was near 40 years of age in the practice of the ESTABLISHED RELIGION [OF PAGANISM]. But the DEVOTION OF CONSTANTINE was more peculiarly DIRECTED TO THE GENIUS OF THE SUN...the SUN was universally celebrated as the invincible GUIDE AND PROTECTOR of Constantine." (Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Vol. I, pp. 636-38).

Constantine is famous for the story of his VISIONARY EXPERIENCE just prior to entering battle at the Milvian Bridge of Rome in 312 A.D.

Ernest L. Martin relates this event that had such a profound effect on the life of Constantine:

From this year (312 A. D.) forward, visions and dreams became an integral part of the emperor's life; and EVERY DECISION he made reflected his trust in these "SUPERNATURAL" revelations. He began to believe that he was the "divinely" chosen instrument of YEHOVAH God to bring in the UNIVERSAL (CATHOLIC) KINGDOM to the entirety of the world.

Doesn't that sound familiar? Isn't the VATICAN committed to the SAME goal today?

Not long after the vision of the cross at Milvian Bridge, Constantine began to think of himself as a NEW MOSES to lead the "true" people of YEHOVAH God into a NEW WORLD KINGDOM with -- naturally -- Constantine as its head. In his VAIN IMAGININGS he saw himself as the instrument to inaugurate the "NEW JERUSALEM" of the prophets.

And to accommodate Constantine's identification with Moses, he had a special tent constructed in the form of a cross which he, like Moses, placed "outside the camp" (alluding to Exodus 33:7). Into this tent only he and his trusted advisors would enter before any engagement with the enemy. It was there that he sought divine counsel to direct him in what he should do. -- Secrets of Golgotha, p. 99.

What happened while the emperor was ensconced in the tent is recorded by the church historian Eusebius:

Does this sound like the way a man would act -- or react -- after receiving a GENUINE communication from YEHOVAH God? NOT AT ALL!! These "visionary" experiences have all the trappings of DEMON POSSESSION!

The very fact that Constantine continued in his PAGAN BELIEFS is revealed by coins he had minted during his administration. According to Funk and Wagnalls New Encyclopedia, "Constantine also RETAINED the traditional PAGAN TITLE of Pontifex Maximus, and his coins STILL BORE THE FIGURES AND NAMES OF THE OLD GODS." (Vol. 6, p. 448).

Constantine saw himself as a protege of APOLLO, and according to a Panegyrist (one who eulogizes) he received a vision of Apollo in Gaul -- on his way south to Marseille in 310. According to the story "Constantine made a short detour to visit 'the most beautiful temple in the entire world' -- at a place that has been variously identified, but was probably, since the god worshipped there was Apollo, the shrine of Apollo Grannus at Grannum (Grand, southeast of Joinville on the Marne). There, the speaker declared, Constantine experienced a vision of Apollo, attended by Victory, offering him four laurel wreaths, each of them signifying thirty years of success. In Apollo, it would seem, Constantine recognized not only the protector of his family (the Second Flavian House), but HIS OWN SELF: youthful, handsome, happy, a bestower of salvation, the ruler of the world WHOSE COMING WAS PROPHESIED in Virgil's Fourth Eclogue. And so Constantine, after he had won his victory over Maximian's son Maxentius in 312, fulfilled the vows he had made at that point on his southward journey, and presented generous gifts to the shrine of Apllo" (Constantine the Great: The Man and His Times, by Michael Grant. Charles Scribner's Sons, N.Y. 1993, pp. 131-132).

Constantine was no more a Christian than Ghengis Khan!

Ernest Martin reveals that "VERY FREQUENT indeed were the MANIFESTATIONS that Constantine received from his celestial [demon] advisors. Eusebius said that Constantine's visions and other SUPERNATURAL ENCOUNTERS became such a REGULAR PART of his career that 'a THOUSAND such acts as these were FAMILIARLY and HABITUALLY done by the emperor.' Constantine's life was REPLETE with visions, dreams and SUPERNATURAL WONDERS and they were a DOMINANT FACTOR in all his major decisions." (Secrets of Golgotha, p. 100).

An inscription on the triumphal Arch of Constantine (built 315) in Rome, attests to the emperor's ERRATIC BEHAVIOR after receiving these "spiritual" visitations prior to a battle. The inscription on the arch attributes Constantine's victory over Galerius Valerius Maximinus to an "INSTINCTU DIVINITATIS" -- an IMPULSE OF DIVINITY! (See Funk and Wagnalls New Encyclopedia, Vol.6, p. 448).

THIS, then, was the man who took it upon himself to throw the Fourth Commandment out the window, and to introduce the "DAY OF THE SUN" in its place! Constantine's pagan background made it very easy for him to amalgamate the apostatizing Roman Catholic Church with the practices of sun-god worship and persecute the TRUE CHRISTIANS who were still keeping YEHOVAH's true Sabbath-day!


Constantine, of course, was not the first to foist the Day of the Sun upon an unsuspecting humanity. It all goes back to LUCIFER, or Satan!

Satan, in his former position as Lucifer, was a BRIGHT AND SHINING cherub -- RADIANT like the morning star! The very name Lucifer means "LIGHT-BRINGER" -- in Latin lux = "light," and fero = "to bring." After his creation by YEHOVAH God (see Ezekiel 28) he became known as the "son of the morning" -- that is, a herald or harbinger of LIGHT like the morning star. He brought LIGHT to the earth when he was sent by YEHOVAH to rule here before his rebellion. His spirit body RADIATED LIGHT to all those around him; and eventually he RECEIVED A DEGREE OF ADORATION! Because of his wisdom and beauty (Ezekiel 28:12) and brightness, he began to be worshipped -- and this went to his head! Then, in Revelation 12:3, after he REBELLED against YEHOVAH God, he LOST his brightness and came to possess a DULL RED SERPENTINE BODY! As a result, at this point on, Satan ASSOCIATED HIMSELF WITH THE SUN!

Notice what the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course says about this:

Hislop, in The Two Babylons, concurs with this:

Of this APOSTASY the Bible says: "Because, although they [the people of early times] KNEW God [archaeological records SHOW that the world did know YEHOVAH God immediately after the flood -- and they also knew of the Garden of Eden], they...changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man -- and birds and four-footed beasts and CREEPING THINGS [the SERPENT mainly -- for it had Satan's SUPERNATURAL influence on man to make it seem MORE ATTRACTIVE than the others]....and worshipped and served the creature [the thing created -- the SUN, for it has Satan's backing] rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever." (Romans 1:21-25, NKJV).

In this PERVERTED FASHION Satan, the great serpent, second-handedly received the WORSHIP AND ADORATION he craved. But most of all, through this means, he INCREASED THE IMPORTANCE of the great, fiery lifeless SUN in the eyes of early mankind! Right here, Lucifer -- Satan -- was GRADUALLY AND STEALTHILY laying the FOUNDATION for the INTRODUCTION OF THE DAY OF THE SUN -- SUNDAY!!

Notice how this occurred: Sanchuniathon the Phoenician, who is believed to have lived about the time of Joshua, says --

If we study early Egyptian history, we will find that THOTH was the counsellor of THAMUS, who was none other than NIMROD -- the great hunter AGAINST the LORD (see Gen.10:8-9). From the statement of Sanchuniathon, then, we must come to the conclusion that SERPENT-WORSHIP was a part of the PRIMEVAL APOSTASY of Nimrod!

Let's see how SATAN, through the AGENCY OF NIMROD, went about changing YEHOVAH God's Sabbath Day to Sunday -- the Day of the Sun!


The SABBATH -- which word means "REST" -- depicts the kind of eternal REST FROM SIN which YEHOVAH has in mind for man. But ironically Satan, by DELUDING man into keeping the FIERY DAY OF THE SUN -- SUNDAY, causes man to COMMEMORATE THE KIND OF "REST" SATAN HAS IN MIND FOR MAN -- the "rest" of ETERNAL DEATH brought about by SIN.

As far as YEHOVAH God is concerned, this world actually has SIX ORDINARY DAYS. These are ONLY SIMPLY NUMBERED -- "the FIRST day," "the SECOND day," etc. (Gen.1:5, 8, 13, 19, 23, 31 -- last two words in each case). AND, set apart from these, YEHOVAH has His HOLY SABBATH, the SEVENTH DAY -- which is both NUMBERED AND NAMED (Gen. 2:2). In this manner YEHOVAH DOUBLY points out the extreme importance of the SABBATH DAY to man! Also, and most people fail to understand this, YEHOVAH God's week is tied to the phases of the moon -- NOT to the planetary week of the present Gregorian calendar!

Because of the GREATNESS of YEHOVAH God, YEHOVAH has set apart one-seventh of man's TIME to keep especially in man's mind the true, real, living, all-supreme God!! An EXACT time -- the SEVENTH day, and an EXACT name, the SABBATH. Woe to those who allow themselves to be deceived into OBSERVING ANOTHER DAY OF THE WEEK on which to worship another "god" which is NO GOD AT ALL !!

Let us now UNDERSTAND how Satan, through the AGENCY and efforts of his human representative -- NIMROD -- gradually brought his COUNTERFEIT WEEK into being, with HIS all-important day, SUNDAY, completely obliterating YEHOVAH God's lunar week in the minds of men! It is VITAL for your very salvation that you read and understand this, for Satan is NOW working through his end-time agent -- THE POPE AT ROME -- to change times and seasons to confuse and MASK YEHOVAH's Holy Sabbath Day! News releases out of Europe are already highlighting Satan's efforts as the ECC attempts to make up for the extra day added to the calendar every leap year. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!

Basically, Sunday came into being through a series of mighty world empires, starting with the Babylon of Nimrod. The Bible clearly shows that Satan, the dragon (serpent), has given, AND IS GIVING, great power and military authority to these empires. Satan HAS SEEN TO IT that HIS AGENTS have the MILITARY MIGHT to make sure that SUNDAY is accepted by this world!

The ancient heathen countries of Babylon and Assyria KNEW of YEHOVAH God's seven-day week with its alignment with the phases of the moon and of the SEVENTH DAY -- the Holy SABBATH DAY. But Nimrod's Babylon was the very place where SATAN STARTED HIS PERVERSION OF YEHOVAH'S TRUE WEEK!

With the same STEALTH AND CUNNING that we now see coming out of the VATICAN -- and also the WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD -- Satan, the great serpent, began to COUNTERFEIT the week YEHOVAH had introduced at creation. In ancient Babylon YEHOVAH God's Sabbath days were observed on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th days of the month (in accordance with the moon's phases), but were GRADUALLY set apart as being "evil days." (see Webster's Rest Days, p. 230). "The seventh day of EACH Babylonian week was called a SHABATTUM -- the PAGAN CORRUPTION OF THE SABBATH. Thus the Sabbaths of YEHOVAH God -- times when men might ENJOY SPIRITUAL PURSUITS -- were SOON CALLED PERIODS OF "ILL OMENS" or "EVIL DAYS" (Rest Days, p. 232). We can see that right from the very beginning Satan -- through Nimrod -- was giving YEHOVAH's Holy Sabbath Day a bad reputation!

On these so-called "evil days" the Babylonians had to AFFLICT THEMSELVES, that is, they had to do PENANCE. They could not eat flesh cooked upon coals, nor change garments, nor could the physician lay hands upon the patient. Doesn't this sound like CATHOLICISM to you? What did Yeshua the Messiah say about encumbering his Father's Sabbath day with the customs and ordinances of man? At night (on these "evil days") the king was to bring his gifts before the images [of pagan gods] and offer sacrifice to them (Rest Days, p. 232).


How did the Babylonians -- under Satan's influence -- formulate SATAN'S WEEK which he uses to HIDE YEHOVAH God's true week from unsuspecting mankind? How did they introduce SUNDAY to HIDE YEHOVAH's KEY test Sabbath day from man? By introducing the PLANETARY OR ASTROLOGICAL WEEK which the world still retains today!

Notice Webster's explanation of this:

Notice from the above that the ORIGIN of the PRESENT WEEK was ENTIRELY PAGAN! Webster continues:

So the PAGAN WEEK of today was born in MOTHER BABYLON, appeared in PAGAN SYRIA in its astrological form, and was transplanted by Satan into the Roman Empire -- the birthplace of modern Catholicism!

It remains, now, to discover HOW the names of THE DAYS OF THIS COUNTERFEIT WEEK were arrived at: As we have seen, old BABYLONIA provided the false doctrine of the influence of the stars on human destinies.

Guided by old Babylonian influences, the pagans of a LATER TIME named the days of this NEW PLANETARY WEEK for ancient heroes who became honored as gods: SUNDAY was at first SET APART FOR THE SUN, THE "GOD" OF THIS WORLD -- SATAN, the SUN-GOD. Monday was set apart for the moon; Friday for Venus or Frigga; and Saturday for Saturn.


We have learned that the present week is a STRANGE WEEK -- a week whose days bear the names of pagan gods! YEHOVAH God's Holy "Sabbath Day" nowhere appears in our strange week of today; but SUNDAY does! Sunday, the day of the SUN -- the sun around which the ancient pagans symbolically entwined the SERPENT (Satan) -- is the one day which is MOST OBSERVED by all the world today. How successful Satan has been in palming off HIS DAY!

After the Messiah came, "The EARLY [TRUE] CHRISTIANS had at FIRST ADOPTED the seven-day week [YEHOVAH's lunar week] with its NUMBERED WEEK DAYS, but by the CLOSE OF THE THIRD CENTURY A.D. this began to give way to THE PLANETARY WEEK [of Satan]. The use of planetary names [Monday, Tuesday, etc.] attests to the growing influence of astrological speculations introduced by the converts from paganism." (Webster's Rest Days, p. 252).

By the end of the third century the Babylonian-Samaritan conspiracy, or MYSTERY RELIGION, had changed the week and introduced SUNDAY WORSHIP. The use of the PLANETARY WEEK by the early Christians was a YARDSTICK which measured HOW MUCH they were being affected by paganism. "Satan's plan was beginning to bear REAL FRUIT for him -- the professing Christian world was SWITCHING from God's SABBATH week to SATAN'S SUNDAY WEEK!" (A.C.B.C.C., p. 7).

And WHO was responsible for the LATER wide-spread RISE of SUNDAY, or the "DAY OF THE LORD" worship, which still persists today? CONSTANTINE the so-called "great"!


Notice, now, what was NEXT in the sequence of events:

Once Sunday was established as the day of worship by Constantine, a RELIGIOUS POWER -- a CHURCH, a church OTHER than the TRUE CHURCH OF YEHOVAH GOD Yeshua the Messiah had established -- TOOK OVER the FURTHERANCE OF SUNDAY OBSERVANCE. This "great" church continued to be the CHAMPION of this day [SUNDAY] on down through the centuries into our times today. It is a tremendous ecclesiastical power which is prophesied to VIGOROUSLY restore the doctrine of Sunday-keeping AT THE END OF THIS AGE.


This great FALSE church made the laws SO STRICT that no man could even HOLD A JOB, or engage in any kind of business -- UNLESS he RESTED ON SUNDAY. And when the Church declared a TRUE CHRISTIAN "anathema" -- accursed as a heretic -- the STATE POLICE of the now CATHOLIC DOMINATED Roman Empire began torturing him. Unless the unfortunate soul RECANTED of his alleged "heretical Sabbath keeping," HE WAS TORTURED TO DEATH!

During the MIDDLE AGES untold numbers of the people of YEHOVAH God were put to death for OBEYING YEHOVAH's Fourth Commandment -- for observing YEHOVAH'S TRUE SABBATH and refusing to keep SATAN'S SUNDAY. While YEHOVAH's people today are not put to death for observing His true Sabbath day, millions in the so-called Christian churches cling to Satan's Sunday perversion -- not realizing they are adhering to the dictates of the pagan Catholic Church and its Roman and Babylonian forebears.

Will you heed this warning and divorce yourself from apostacizing "Christianity" and begin obeying YEHOVAH God? Your very life in the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God could depend upon it!


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