Biblical archaeologists have always been the "black sheep" in historical circles. They, and their researches, are given validity only if their theories and subsequent proofs discredit the divine aspect of the Hebrew and Christian holy books. E. Raymond Capt is the single, most powerful ally of an accurate view of history, a history recognizing the Hebrew peoples as contributors to, and often catalysts of, world events.

Capt does an excellent job tracing the 10 "lost tribes" of Israel into the European continent, citing recovered antiquities and more recent discoveries in existing collections, such as at the British Museum, covering dates up to roughly 150 BC. Also, he gives an adequate account of the origin of the basic European "tribes" such as the Germans, the various Celts, etc., picking up their story ca. AD 600.



This fascinating book touches upon subjects which were unknown to most of us. Mr. Collins makes history breathe. One might ask why conventional textbooks carefully avoid the whole notion of just who is the real Semite and who is the impostor. The questions raised are as significant as those answered in this intriguing book. Historical accounts are, at best, fuzzy approximations of truth. When you add to that, intentional obfuscation, as done to most of the material approved by the ruling elite --not only are the Ten Tribes "lost," but readers of every subsequent generation are lost.

For anyone that has every wondered where they come from, where their ancestors come from, and where we are all going this book will answer your questions according to what is found in history and the bible. Read, study and enjoy!



"Ephraim" describes and examines sources showing that the peoples of the British Isles and Northwest Europe descend from the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Seven Biblically-derived criteria determine who belongs to the Lost Ten Tribes: The British-descended peoples fulfill all of them. There were traditions of Jewish origin that located the Lost Ten Tribes in the western Isles of Britain. Talmudic and related sources confirm these findings which are also applicable to North America. The existence of specific archaeological proof of Israelite identity exists and was predicted by Scripture. It was also foretold that the Lost Tribes would be Christians, and that when they return, at the coming of YEHOVAH God and His Messiah, the so-called Third Temple will be built in Jerusalem and the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God will spread out from here to encompass the entire world.