Samuele Bacchiocchi, author of "From Sabbath to Sunday," has written a seminal book on the subject of YEHOVAH God's spring festivals -- Passover and Pentecost. This volume deals mostly with the Passover, proving from Scripture and ancient history that the Jews originally slew the Passover lambs in the afternoon of Nisan 14, and celebrated the Passover Feast or dinner on the night of Nisan 15. He also proves that the early Church observed the Passover AT THE SAME TIME AS THE JEWS, AND NOT A NIGHT EARLIER, as some who are ignorant of the facts insist.

In this book, Dr. Bacchiocchi utilizes his expertise in early church history to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt WHEN Passover should be observed, and when the New Testament Christians observed it!

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In God's Festivals in Scripture and History Dr. Bacchiocchi challenges Christians to bring about worship renewal by developing a church calendar patterned after the religious calendar YEHOVAH God gave to Israel. Such a calendar would focus during the course of the year on the redemptive accomplishments of the Messiah's first and second Advents.

The Fall Festivals of Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles point to the consummstion of redemption, namely, the judgment, the final disposition of sin, the second coming, and the restoration of this world. A church calendar is more than an annual cycle of recurring festivals. It provides an opportunity to experience afresh what YEHOVAH God has done in the past, is doing in the present, and will do in the future.

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If you've ever wondered how the Biblical Holy Days -- Passover/Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, Tabernacles, etc. -- should be observed and what they mean for believers today, this book is an excellent primer and introduction for you. Here is an intelligent, readable, "hands-on" approach to the Holy Days of God, the most important celebrations in the Bible. This book puts it all together, with a historical background, traditional Jewish observance, and New Testament relevance, and prophetic significance of the Biblical Holy Days. In this book, the author explains every holy day described in Scripture. He teaches about the major and minor holy days, ever mindful that he is writing to both Jews and Christians. Each chapter offers historical background, traditional Jewish observance, relevance to the New Testament, prophetic significance, and a practical guide for believers, including recipes, songs and crafts. There are other books on the subject of the Feasts of God, but this one goes beyond them all. It is written by a Messianic Jew -- a Jew who trusts and believes in Yeshua. Who better to explain GOD'S APPOINTED TIMES?

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