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Muslim Gang-Rape Marathons Continue Across Europe: Where’s the Press?

Of all the social tragedies, perhaps the most widespread and horrific has been the "Muslim rape-wave", also known as the "Rape-Jihad"; a phenomenon that has traumatized thousands of European and other non-Muslim women across the European Union.

by Baron Von Kowenhoven -- November 21, 2015

Political-correctness now extends to the identification of rapists in Europe where the press continually under-reports the high incidence of the most heinous sexual assaults and gang-rapes you can hardly imagine.

The true War on Women is being waged as we speak in the form of child-rape, sexual assault, pedophilia and gangs of Muslim men brutally raping women, in marathon fashion while crowds cheer them on and the press all but ignores.

This is what is coming to America.

Katerina Nikolkas at Digita Journal reports that the phenomenon is steadily growing across Europe, but tends to be under reported due to the high incidence of Muslim perpetrators which makes it politically incorrect to mention.

In December 2011 a Swedish mother-of-two was subjected to a brutal gang-rape by 12 Afghan immigrants in a refugee camp in Mariannelund. Reports stated

“The rape was oral, anal and vaginal sometimes with three rapists inside her at the same time while everybody was cheering and clapping. The gruesome rape marathon lasted for 7 hours. 11 suspect may have been involved taking turns while drinking and getting high on drugs. The asylum seekers were cheering and clapping their hands during the rape marathon while calling the victim 'whore' and 'slut'.”

The woman went into shock while the rapes were still underway, and has since been in a heavily traumatized state. She is now subject to nightmares and panic attacks, and lives in a psychiatric clinic. She is bound to a wheelchair due to damages to her abdomen, and suffers from fecal incontinence.

In the U.K. there has been a steady stream of cases where primarily under-privileged young English girls have been targeted, groomed and raped by gangs of what the British press euphemistically refers to as Asian men. However, the published names of the perpetrators are primarily of Pakistan and Afghanistan origin when the gang rapists appear in court.

According to some of the mothers, a fear of being branded racist makes many of the police and social services reluctant to investigate the crimes as organized and connected. One mother from Rotherham, whose 14-year-old daughter was groomed into prostitution and multiply raped during a 12-month period, told me that almost every man convicted of these crimes in the north of England is from Pakistan but that the authorities insist that it is not relevant.

More and more cases are reported across Europe. The following is just a very small sample (some figures indicate 5,000 gang-rapes occur in France alone each year.)

In October 2011 a British woman was brutally gang-raped by five Afghan refugees in Banja Koviljaca, Serbia. According to the Austrian Times the men were living in a local refugee centre housing 2,500 illegal immigrants.

In June 2011 a 14-year-old Norwegian girl, Eva Helgetun, committed suicide after being gang-raped by three teenage migrants.

In January 2013 the Local reported a 22-year-old woman was gang-raped by five men in Stockholm, the first of three reported gang-rapes in the city this year. Eight Muslim male teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of aggravated rape in connection with the three incidents.

In March 2013 a British tourist was gang-raped by three Arab men in a Spanish resort.

The list goes on and on -- yet this is the culture we are importing into this country: Child and gang rape, clitorectomies, pedophilia and animal behavior. Make no mistake, what we read about these incidents in America are the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come and our press is no better when it comes to shining a light on it.

In Stockholm, Sweden, as many as 20 Muslim men gang-raped an 11-year-old girl. A mother was hosting a birthday party at a public bath/swim center for a group of 11 and 12 year old children. Up to 20 Muslim men who lived at a nearby refugee center arrived at the public bath. They immediately began to assault the children, ripping their swimsuits off and beating the boys when they tried to stop the assault. Eventually, the men cornered one of the little girls in a grotto in the bathhouse and gang raped her. The police refused to press any charges.

England has probably the most massive Muslim rape and prostitution problem in Europe, in large part because the British government refuses to acknowledge it. Two years ago, the British online paper The Daily Mail reported that hundreds of white British girls were groomed to be used as prostitutes, rape victims, and sex slaves by Muslim men (whom the British media refers to as “Asians”):

Agencies have identified a long-term pattern of offending by gangs of men, predominantly from the British Pakistani community, who have befriended and abused hundreds of vulnerable girls aged 11 to 16

In Australia, gang rapes of non-Muslim women by Muslim men became so overwhelming that they were eventually lumped together under the heading of “Sydney gang rapes.” The perpetrators were a group of Lebanese Australian Muslims that specifically targeted non-Muslim women and teenage girls, some as young as 14.

In 2012, in Germany, two Muslim Turkish teens gang-raped a 16-year-old girl in a parking lot. It was an attack of almost unthinkable savagery. When they finished raping the girl, they then assaulted her with a bottle. Even when the bottle broke, they continued her attack, eventually severing her intestine and her uterus. The girl survived, but her rectum was so destroyed by the attack that physicians had to create an artificial one for her. She was also rendered sterile by the attack.

German privacy laws meant that the attack went entirely unreported in the German press.

A 14-year-old girl in Trondheim took her own life after being assaulted and raped by three teenage boys. Only four weeks after she reported the rape at Kristiansten fortress, ninth grader could not bear to live any longer.

The girls mother believes the group rape is the direct cause of why her daughter chose to take her life.

The social tragedies enabled by Islamic immigration are much more frequent and (for me) just as morally offensive as explosions on a subway.

Of all these social tragedies, perhaps the most widespread and horrific has been the "Muslim rape-wave", also known as the "Rape-Jihad"; a phenomenon that has traumatized thousands of European and other non-Muslim women across the European Union.

There is no way I can think of to sugar this pill. In every Western European country, innocent women have been raped (on a massive scale) for ideological reasons. Females of all ages (including mothers and minors) have been subject to indescribable defilement by amoral savages.

The countries of Scandinavia have long pursued some of the most senseless immigration policies in the EU area. As a direct result of these, prospective Muslim colonists are increasingly choosing Nordic countries over traditional settlement targets like England and France. The social cost of this has already been appalling. Daniel Greenfield wrote the following (harrowing) summation of the situation in Sweden in Frontpagemag:

“Sweden now has the second highest number of rapes in the world, after South Africa, which at 53.2 per 100,000 is six times higher than the United States. Statistics now suggest that 1 out of every 4 Swedish women will be raped."

In 2003, Swedens rape statistics were higher than average at 9.24, but in 2005 they shot up to 36.8 and by 2008 were up to 53.2. Now they are almost certainly even higher as Muslim immigrants continue forming a larger percentage of the population.

With Muslims represented in as many as 77 percent of the rape cases and a major increase in rape cases paralleling a major increase in Muslim immigration, the wages of Muslim immigration are proving to be a sexual assault epidemic by a misogynistic ideology.

Now, I am aware of the dangers of believing statistics from Sweden on this issue. Sweden has a notorious problem with militant feminism and what constitutes "rape" in Stockholm may not even earn a reprimand in New York or London. Nevertheless, even if we adjust the statistics to focus exclusively on the most sensible definition of rape -- i.e. unwanted penetrative sex -- then all Nordic countries still have a social crisis the scale of which is bewildering.

By 2010 at the latest, the word "epidemic" was being openly used in conservative journals. As things stand now we should have no qualms about using the term "rape war".

And these rapes are not the "lesser" kind of rape (whatever Kenneth Clarke may have meant by that). They are typically angry affairs; sex mixed with assault. In many cases, should the victim have wandered alone into a Muslim ghetto, the rape will involve many different men (from the very young to the very old) and leaves the victim with severe internal injury and blood-borne infection.

In other cases, an initially willing female -- after having had sex with a Muslim for the first time -- will be plied with sedative drugs (especially highly addictive benzodiazepines) in order to make her more likely to agree to future sex, this time with paying associates of the original male. Such a process is known in the UK as "grooming" and is estimated to have affected thousands (yes, thousands) of girls (predominantly those from broken backgrounds -- orphans, runaways, those in social care etc…) across the country.

In Oxford, the green, ancient home of Anglo-Saxon learning, a group of young girls (all white English) from local care homes fell prey to a network of Pakistani pimps and sexual opportunists. In one case, reported in detail during the trial of the offenders last year, an 11 year old girl was repeatedly drugged with alcohol and tranquilizers. By her own estimates she was penetrated by more than five men per evening, often as she travelled in and out of consciousness. According to the BBC, on one occasion she vomited repeatedly over the side of the bed during intercourse, but even this didnt grant her any mercy. She was quickly cleaned and prepared for the next Muslim in line.

After many weeks of this treatment, the girl was branded (using a heated pin) with an "M" for Mohammad; not the Prophet, but the name of her new Muslim "owner". She later (aged 12) became pregnant by this same tormentor, and was forced to have a backstreet abortion using crude and disgusting implements. She would only escape fully after turning 15, having endured four long years of incarceration and medieval torture.

The way Muslims rationalize their predation on women is as follows:

Because Western women wear short skirts and mingle with people of the opposite sex, they consequently have no virtue. They are slags, who, by their behavior define themselves as sex-objects. Consequently, for someone to rape or molest them is no more than their behavior invites and probably something theyve experienced before. It may even be something they secretly desire.

This logic has a rough equivalent in a phrase used by violent pimps: “You can’t rape a prostitute". By this, the pimp means that "his" women have fallen voluntarily (by their being prostitutes) through a moral floor and that since they have done so, they have lost the right to complain about certain types of treatment.

While Pimps imagine this moral floor to have been broken by the woman allowing herself to be penetrated for money, the Muslim believes it to be broken by the wearing of high heels, or by making innocent jokes about sex with male friends.

As a woman then, you won’t fully know that you’ve "fallen" in a Muslim’s estimation, until he’s forcing himself on top of you.

I believe we all deserve a portion of the blame for this scandal. Our reaction to date has been timid and inadequate. If one (just one) Afghan Muslim Woman was raped by a European soldier today, we would lose a hundred troops in the cause of her avenging. Yet thousands upon thousands of European women have already been traumatized by the enemy in our own countries and we have failed to respond.

The guilt may be theirs, the shame is our own.


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