The Messiah and the Early Church



Did the Apostle Peter EVER Visit Rome?
Does the Church of the Holy Sepulcher Really Mark the Site of the Messiah's Burial?

First-Century Britain and the Gospel of the Messiah!
Herod's Death On January 26, 1 BCE, Owing to Synchronized Chronology
Historic Phenomena and the Theology of the Nazarenes and Ebionites
In Search of the Historical Messiah
Let the Dead Bury Their Own Dead!
The "Cross" of the Messiah!
The Crucifixion of the Messiah
The Early Nazarene Christians and Rabbinic Judaism
The Introduction of Christianity into Great Britain
The Messiah's Crucifixion Tree
The Mystery of the Ethiopian Eunuch!
The Significance of Bethpage On the Mount of Olives
Was the "Wailing Wall" Part of Herod's Temple?
When Did the Apostle Peter Meet His Death?
What Year Was the Messiah Nailed to the Tree?
When Was Yeshua the Messiah Born?
Who Were the Pharisees?