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The Berean


Hope of Israel Ministries (Church of YEHOVAH) Volume 2, Number 4 July-August 2001


Page 2 From the Editor
Page 3 Was Noah's Flood

Page 39 New Hope of Israel

Page 40 Hope of Israel Mail

Page 45 A Lunar-Based Sab-
bath In Biblical Texts

Page 74 How Is This Work of
YEHOVAH Supported?

Page 75 Is JUDAISM the Re-
ligion of Moses?
Page 83 More Hope of Israel

Page 84 The House of Israel
Was Noah's Page 88 Amazing New Under-
standing -- Leviticus Proves
Saturday Is Not the Sabbath!
Flood Page 90 Free Subscription to
Berean Voice Magazine

Page 91 New Book: Keeping
Universal? Yahweh's Appointments

Page 92 Book: A Woman
Rides the Beast
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