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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 7

Supreme, Eternally LIVING God. My God So, they INTERPRET this verse to MEAN the
fights my battles for me. My God is Supreme, very opposite of what it SAYS, thus: “The wages
and therefore I OBEY HIM. He RULES me, and of sin is ETERNAL LIFE (in hell); and eternal
guides me in the way I ought to go for my own life is NOT the gift of God."
welfare and happiness. But He also DOES There are others who INTERPRET
THINGS FOR ME. He tells me to love my “death” to mean “separation from God," and
enemies -- and HE will fight my battles for me. “gift of eternal life” to mean “eternal life which
He heals me when I am sick. He is a LIVING is NOT a gift, but which you already possess,
God -- not a dead god. He makes even my spent in the geographical PRESENCE OF
enemies to be at peace with me. He guides me in Christ."
the way I ought to go, He rules me, and then HE
DOES THINGS FOR ME -- things I could not
do for myself.
“You see,” this man continued, “there is
only one LIVING God. But nearly all the people
in the world worship and serve dead gods. The
Buddhist carries his little wooden god around in
his pocket. Other people make up their own
gods. Their gods are the work of their own hands
-- the invention of their own minds. But I am the
creation of MY God! I didn’t make Him -- He
made me."
Now we ought to begin to see the answer
to the question, HOW can these differing
religious groups compromise and get together?
Their beliefs, their customs, are the inventions of
HUMANS. In actual fact, they did not receive
their beliefs from the true and LIVING GOD --
or from His Word, the Bible. Their religions are
of HUMAN ORIGIN. Therefore humans feel at
liberty to alter or change their own beliefs and
“But,” one asks, “didn’t they all receive Islam is a pagan, Satanic religion soaked in
their beliefs out of the BIBLE?" The answer is an blood, and was founded by a man possessed by
emphatic NO! demons. “Then the beast was captured, and with
Didn’t you ever wonder WHY people him the FALSE PROPHET who worked signs in
talk about their various INTERPRETATIONS his presence....These two were cast alive into the
of the Bible? Take, for instance, Romans 6:23: lake of fire burning with brimstone” (Revelation
“For the wages of sin is DEATH; the GIFT of 19: 20).
God is ETERNAL LIFE through Jesus Christ
our Lord." Most “Christian” religions INTER- This is the dishonest process which
PRET THAT -- which is to say, they CHANGE religious bodies make the Bible say whatever
ITS MEANING, to make it say precisely the they want it to say. Peter speaks of this twisting,
opposite. They claim that the MAN is an distorting, and wresting of the Scriptures,
“immortal soul.” Man, therefore, they believe, “which they that are unlearned and unstable
already HAS eternal life -- he CANNOT DIE! wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto
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