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Test 5 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 11

A. Satan has had a major part in causing 18. Why was the Azazel goat removed from
worldwide misery. ancient Israel on the Day of Atonement?
B. The Devil has invisibly swayed the nations.
C. Satan the Devil has possessed many mighty A. To picture the complete removal of sin from
world leaders. Israel.
D. No responsibility for the plight of this world B. To show that Satan must be removed from
can be attributed to the Devil. mankind.
C. To show that Satan will be allowed to roam
14. The purpose of fasting is – a desolate earth during the Millennium.
D. To show that the Messiah was removed to
A. to humble yourself and draw closer to heaven.
B. simply to deny yourself food and water for 19. Which ONE of these four statements is
24 hours. FALSE? The Day of Atonement foretells –
C. to bend YEHOVAH God to your will.
D. to increase your physical strength. A. the at-one-ment of YEHOVAH God and
15. Why do YEHOVAH’s people keep the Day B. the deposing of Satan.
of Atonement? C. the restitution of YEHOVAH’s absolute
government on earth.
A. To MOURN the coming end of this world. D. the promised cleansing of YEHOVAH’s
B. To picture by fasting the horrible conditions heavenly sanctuary by the Messiah our High
the world will experience after YEHOVAH’s Priest.
C. To observe a kind of Jewish “lent.” 20. Why is the Day of Atonement called
D. To be reminded of the events pictured by AT-ONE-MENT?
this day.
A. Because it pictures man becoming AT ONE
16. The “Azazel” goat – with YEHOVAH God.
B. Because Satan will become at one with
A. represented the complete removal of sin by YEHOVAH God.
Yeshua the Messiah. C. Because man will remain “at odds” with
B. represented true Christians. YEHOVAH God.
C. represented Satan the Devil. D. No such meaning as “at one” should be
D. has no meaning for us today. applied to the word “atone.”

17. Who did the High Priest represent on the 21. The Day of Atonement –
Day of Atonement?
A. was faithfully kept by YEHOVAH’s early
A. Satan. New Testament Church.
B. Yeshua the Messiah. B. was not kept by the apostle Paul.
C. The apostle Paul who spoke of the “works of C. is to be observed only by orthodox “Jews”
the law.” today.
D. YEHOVAH’s congregation. D. was not referred to by Luke when he wrote
the history of Paul’s life in the book of Acts.
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