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Test 4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 9

A. Samaritans only. A. Israelitish stock.
B. a variety of people. B. Arab stock.
C. Jews. . C. Greek stock.
D. a combination of Romans and Idumeans. D. Turkish stock.

2. All Judeans were of -- 8. The term “Jew” --

A. Jewish ancestry. A. was not coined and used until hundreds of
B. Israelite ancestry. years after the 1st century A.D.
C. Samaritan ancestry. B. was a common name for those living in
D. various ancestries. Judea 2,000 years ago.
C. always refers to those descended from
3. Synagogues were patterned after -- Jacob’s son Judah.
D. is equivalent to the word “Judean” in the
A. the “Great Synagogue” in Jerusalem. Bible.
B. the Temple in Jerusalem.
C. the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. 9. Much of the “oral law” and “traditions of the
D. the Forum in Rome. elders” was developed while the Israelites were
4. Aquila, who was born in Pontus and resided
in Corinth, was known as a -- A. encamped at Mount Sinai.
B. under the rule of King David.
A. Corinthian. C. captive in Babylon.
B. Roman. D. under siege by the Romans in 70 A.D.
C. Judean.
D. Greek. 10. Circumcision was one of many religious
customs adhered to by --
5. The apostle Paul was a --
A. the New Testament church.
A. Pharisee. B. the Romans.
B. Sadducee. C. the Greeks.
C. citizen of Athens. D. the Judeans.
D. member of the Essenes.
11. The Sanhedrin was --
6. The oral law of the Pharisees eventually
became known as -- A. the group that carried out the Temple
A. the Book of Mormon. B. the Judean high court or supreme council.
B. the Talmud. C. comprised of Pharisees only.
C. the Book of Hebrews. D. directly controlled by the Roman Senate.
D. the New Testament.
12. The Pharisees --
7. The ancient Khazars were a people of mainly
-- A. did not believe in the resurrection of the
B. believed in angels and spirits.
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